Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sighting XXII

I promise, you will enjoy the irony of this "Sighting".

The New Majority Council held their meeting last night at Blue Bell Inn. Eleanor Schneider (pictured below) know, Jim's secretary with the high school diploma, who they changed county rules for, in an attempt to install her in the six figure position as county HR director, and whose husband was hired as the fleet manager a few months back, after they changed the job requirements for his job, also?... attended the meeting.

Afterward, boss King James the Turd met up with her in the bar (we've see these two together alot-they were together at State committee, see above photo)...not that there's anything (allegedly) going on, mind's more likely that he has to pay to have friends now or something...

Anyway, I digress..

Jimbo proceeds to belly up and make up for lost time with his buddy Mr. Dewars and hang w/ his secretary and former State Rep. Joe Gladeck (who opted not to seek re-election in 2000, lest widely publicized charges of beating up his girlfriend be an issue in his re-election campaign)...

But I digress (again)...

Matthews is heard bellowing, making disparaging remarks about latino attorney Joanna Cruz (a recommended candidate for judge) claiming she only got the recommendation because she serves in GOP Chairman Bob Kerns' law firm (irony: El Rey Jaime la Mierda De Tercero was at the New Majority Council Meeitng, a group dedicated to electing minorities and attracting them to the party). isn't because she was a qualified candidate who happened to be a minority. Nope, not in "Jimboland".

It's all about him and politics!

His secretary, Miss Eleanor (who seeks to lead this county's 3700 member task force), did she stand up for diversity and give Cruz credit? Nope. She nodded along, obviously for reasons spelled "job security".

Matthews then talked up his BFF Joe Hoeffel and all the great things they're doing in Montgomery County (implementing the Democrat agenda), when Gladeck, like a wolf howling alone in the wilderness, bellows how "Castor is an asshole!"

It should be noted that Matthews offered to buy NMC boss Pam Levy a drink. She refused...politely.

The Turd was then observed then hanging out with Republican State Committee member Lou Guerra. (note to King Jimbo on the outs with other BFF, Barry Miller? He was noticibly absent from the Blue Bell last evening...maybe they're on a "break"? hmmmmm....)

A big night for Jimbo. The ultimate Mardis Gras celebration for KJIII?: Disparaging a minority candidate for common pleas judge!

I'm at a loss to think what "the Turd's" other best friend, President Judge Richard Hodgson, thinks about Jimbo's assessment of his future colleague.


black horse said...

one of the best sightings ever! you really covered alot of ground. kudos to you and your well-placed sources!

Anonymous said...

You did nothing to qualify Joanna Cruz's capability either other than note her political connections. What's up with that, didn't you have any?

Bill Shaw said...

"Black Horse"...thanks. I have "fly's on the wall" everywhere.

Anonymous 7:37 AM...the post is about Matthews, not about Cruz. I don't need or have to qualify a candidate that the area leaders and executive board voted in on the first vote...her support by the AL's speaks for itself, thus her capabilities do also.

Anonymous said...

Do not jum to conclusions regarding the AL vote. Think about it. The AL vote was no more than a suggestion. Your vote is your own. It is up to the committeepeople.

Bill Shaw said...

Blogger Bill Shaw said...

I'm sure that we do not take any advice from the leaders we elect to guide us, do we?

The post is about what an asshole Matthews is, not about whether or not a recommended candidate is or isn't, in your eyes, qualified.

Post with your real name and I'll continue dialogue with you on this subject. I allow anonymity, but will not further debate this subject with an unknown commentator.

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