Friday, February 15, 2008

The Davis Phone Message

I've been asked to make a permanent link to this audio clip, so, I cannot disappoint!
This will enjoy a permanent spot on my "links" list!



If the globe fits... said...

Is there a pattern? Look at the position Lance Scott Rogers was taking 10 years ago:

Anonymous said...

I saw this on Tony Phyrillas' blog ( and it made me think of how important it is to be sensitive to diversity issues.

We don't want our Republican Party to be seen as the party that slams the door shut on people because of their gender, race, etc.

The phyrillas blog comment says what "if Ken Davis deliberately excluded an African American candidate or a Hispanic candidate instead of a woman?

And what if Ken Davis referred to a minority candidate as "that... Black" or "that... Hispanic" and as a "problem"? (For those of you who haven't heard the Ken Davis phone message yet, Ken Davis referred to the only female candidate as "that... woman" and as a "problem")"

Anonymous said...

Definitely put this on the Writemarsh Most Wanted list!

Ken Davis does not represent the Republican Party said...


Please let people know that there's lots more info on the notorious Ken Davis phone call and his sham "endorsement" convention at the Writemarsh Most Wanted Link.

Here's the link:

Those articles and comments demonstrate how Ken Davis fails to live up to the values and beliefs of our Republican party.

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