Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sightings:XXI ***UPDATE***

Yes, I have an update!

The "turd" showed up at breakfast, milled around the banquet room, spoke to a few of his Montco "faithful", walked over and stood by himself next to the entrance wall, and snuck out when nobody was looking...well, almost nobody.

And he didn't even stop by our table to say "hi".
This photo is of Jimbo, right before he kinda sucks when nobody wants you around, doesn't it?


Lisa said...

A roomful of Republicans and nobody to sit with? It almost makes you feel sorry for the guy.

Almost. But not quite.

Anonymous said...

Karen said

Maybe he was not hungry? Or had another Event to go too?? He said he is trying to get down to his weight when he was running with Lynn Swann you to get ready for his second run of LT GOV

Anonymous said...

This could be jumping to conclusions It is not like he was standing alone for ten minutes or something. I have been to a lot of events and Jim is normally always talking to him and sometimes there is a LINE to do so. So he was taking a break from his "Fan" club. People were eating and think it was nice of him not to go table to table to talk to them while they are eating like Jon Fox use to do. At least he is not afraid to show up at these things since he was "Sensored" whatever the f that means... and He also goes to events knowing you have your spinless little spys out keeping track of him...Like he is a movie star... Stop being so mean ! klm

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