Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jimbo Takes One With The Team

The County will retain the services of longtime auditors, Maillie Falconiero & Co. of Pottstown, to audit the Retirement Boards books.

This was accomplished by...get this...Matthews voting with Treasurer, Garrett D. Page and Republican Commissioner, Bruce L. Castor, Jr.

Voting against were Commissioner Hoeffel (D) and Controller, Diane Morgan (D).

Morgan and Hoeffel wanted to hire a firm located outside of Montgomery county, to which Castor, Page and Matthews rebuked them by saying,

"they were satisfied with the past work performed by the Maillie firm and preferred awarding county contracts to county businesses whenever possible." (M. Gibbons, The Intelligencer-02/10/08)
Morgan had proposed that a Reading, Berks County firm do the job "to put fresh eyes and a healthy dose of skepticism" on the process, basically saying that she didn't trust the two commissioner's and the treasurer's judgment. The Reading firm had proposed to do the job for about $5 thousand dollars per year more than the Maillie firm.

I'm not fully convinced that this was a "party line" vote by Jimbo, more than the fact that he wanted to keep Montgomery County tax dollars in Montgomery County, which I have absolutely no problem with, whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, here's a novel about the commissioners imposing a "Do Business In Montco" doctrine? That way, political contributers from surrounding counties can't influence Montco politics by being awarded contracts to do business with Montco. I'm sure exceptions could be made when certain services are not available in Montgomery County, but for the most part...contracts here keep and create jobs here.

Yeah, it's a silly idea. So was the airplane and subsequently the parachute.

Read Margaret Gibbons Intelligencer article here.


Anonymous said...

Jim is a Republican and is easy to work with He just can't work with Bruce . He did what he had to do.

no suprise he voted this way. It is not all about Joe and they are not even friend. They can work together better that Jim and Bruce can. We have to work with the Dems since they caputured 5 row officer seats. So stop blaming it all on Jim KLM

Bill Shaw said...

Jim is a traitor who worked out the only deal that would keep him in power and satisfy his ego. This "working with Jo-Ho better than Bruce" crap is just that...crap.

And, we do not have to work with the order to beat them we have to keep them on their toes, not give them carte blanche to run roughshod over the very county we built into the greatest in the commonwealth for the past 150+ years.

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