Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weight Loss, Week 4

At the beginning of what is my 4th week, I have a net loss of 7.5 lbs. That may not be substantial to most, but I'm steadily losing and keeping it off. I lost 6 last week from my illness and put 4 back on, but I expected that result.

I've been getting a handle on portion control over the past three weeks. Even on Superbowl Sunday, I ate half a tuna hoagie, two or three fried mushrooms and that's all. I had no additional snacks during the game, as in years past.

I've also been cooking for four, not making a meal fit for an army, so we're wasting less food. I'm planning on preparing some bulk "freezables" for the winter, chili and soup, which I will freeze in quarts.

One of the problems I need to get more under control is all of the tasting I do while cooking dinner. The introduction of one-pot, pre-prepared meals such as soup and chili are will help that issue along...just heat and eat!

We are also fostering a dog for a while, so my activity level is up, with three a day walks around the cemetery, about 2 miles total (combined walking).

Here's to week 5...

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