Monday, March 31, 2008

To Clear the Record...


I feel like John Kerry flip-flopping on the issues-Margaret Gibbons, of the Times Herald, has confirmed that Pierce has, in fact, switched and is not coming back.

I hope this is the last time I have to report on this!

...and upon further investigation, it looks like Frances Pierce is, for now, still a Republican.

As my previous report did say "unconfirmed", I''m actually quite pleased to set the record straight.

Thanks for staying true to the party, Frances.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

What Jim Vlahos Doesn't Want You To Know

Jim Vlahos is a very giving man. I also believe Vlahos is passionate about what he believes in. Passionate enough to put his money where his mouth is.

Jim Vlahos gave "Nutter For Mayor" $250.00 in May of 2007. How do I know this?'s in the finance report.

(Go to the web page and click on the "public users" box-scroll down to the 17th entry)

Now, I believe that every American has the right to do with their money what they please. But let's be serious, folks. I truly question his wisdom in doing this and then wanting to run for Chairman of the Republican Party. Also, one of our own MCRC bylaws strictly prohibits us from helping anyone outside of the Republican Party in their elections.

What a great example for county leadership-I'll help Republicans when it's convenient. Otherwise, everybody is fair game. We've had to suffer 4 years of a chairman whose loyalties have been questioned because of his lobbying business and his need to keep good relationships with the democrats. Do we want more of the same?

Kerns, on the other hand, is pure Republican. He has no business or political ties to the democratic party.

On the heels of the Gulotta letter, it's clear that Vlahos is planning to run a negative campaign against Kerns, rather than send a positive message to the Republican Party. I am not alone in saying that this is sad.

Win on your merits, Mr. Vlahos. And, while you're trying to figure out what merits you bring to the county leadership position, please do one other thing.

Explain why you gave your hard-earned money to a democrat running for mayor of Philadelphia, instead of giving the money to the Republican candidate, Al Taubenberger. Explain why we shouldn't stop calling you the "Matthews candidate" and start calling you the "Nutter candidate".

Really, I'd like to know. Hell, I'm sure that the 814 (+/-) committee people all over the county are waiting to hear this one. Read Full Text/Comments

Friday, March 28, 2008

I Feel So Cheap

Dear Readers,

I have something I feel the need to share, if for no other reason than to warn others-lest this happen to you also.

Tonight I attended the annual Irish-American Society Banquet at the Plymouth Country Club.

This is a non-political event, although many who attend are among the who's who of Montgomery County politics.

When my lovely wife Karen and I walked in, I made a beeline to the cloak-room to hang up her coat. As I was exiting the cloak-room, I was accosted by none other than King James III. I turned to get out of his way and he forced his shoulder and arm in front of my body, took my hand in a firm and unyielding grasp (refusing to let go) and said, "Hi Bill, How are you?"

I said nothing. I felt a cold chill go up my spine, as I immediately experienced the fight or flight sensation of "tunnel-vision" and quickly made my retreat.

I had just been "Shake-raped". My hand was taken, without my consent, and forcibly shaken by someone I would rather not give the time of day to.

I feel so violated.

So, please, gentle readers, beware. Watch around those corners and keep your eyes pealed, for your own safety. I wouldn't want this to happen to you, too.

(Christ, the therapy alone is going to cost me a fortune...can I sue?).

On another related note:

Senator John Rafferty, President of the Irish-American Society of Montgomery County was making the usual introductions of the elected officials and dignitaries. He came to Bruce Castor and Jim Matthews and someone shouted something to the effect of "Joe Hoeffel just walked in". Jim Matthews looked around and started clapping his hands...(sigh).

The hor's d'oeuvres and prime rib was excellent, and, yes...I made sure to wash my hands before eating.

Our friend at PaWatercooler has this to add:

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MCRC Solicitor is a Democrat!

On Wednesday, March 18, 2008, the Montgomery County Republican Committee became, for the first time in history, a bi-partisan organization.

MCRC solicitor, Wendy Rothstein, changed her registration on that date from Republican to democrat. In simpler terms:
The Solicitor of record for the Montgomery County Republican Committee is a democrat!

Rothstein, a committeewoman from Plymouth Ward 2-1, decided not to run for another term in 2008. I have not been able to confirm whether or not she has actually resigned from her committee seat, but have it on good authority that she has, in fact, done so.

As far as Ms. Rothstein stepping down as MCRC solicitor, she has yet to formally remove her self as solicitor, nor has Ken Davis asked for her resignation. According to MCRC Executive Director, Athan Koutsiouroumbas, although Ms. Rothstein has asked that her role as solicitor be minimized, she has yet to offer a letter of resignation to the chairman (as a result of her change of registration to democrat).

There is also a rumor (unconfirmed) that Norristown Municipal Chairwoman and former Register of Wills, Frances Pierce, has also switched her registration to democrat. Your humble blogmeister is currently looking into this matter and will update this post when it is either confirmed or denied.

Note to Ken: Have Ms. Rothstein and/or Ms. Pierce resigned, formally, from their respective positions with MCRC (solicitor and municipal chair, respectively)? If not, is this supposed to be a big secret, or is it just that you aren't as on top of things as you'd want us to believe?

It look like this is just two more things to add to the list of maladies that plague the Montgomery County Republican Committee and it's current leadership.

This committeman just cannot wait for May 8th. Read Full Text/Comments

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Vlahos Letter

It's no secret that I am supporting Bob Kerns for MCRC Chairman. I feel, in my heart and in my gut, that he has what it takes to bring the party together and bring it back to it's former glory.

Anyway, another letter was received by committee people today from MCRC Chairman Candidate, Jim Vlahos. While mostly "hooray for me" and "look what I did" fluff, in this letter, he adopts Kerns' platform from '06 (outreach through various media entities), and then goes on to state that "effective messaging can re-establish Republican loyalty in Montgomery County while encouraging members of other parties to vote Republican as well".

I think someone forgot to call King James and run that idea by him first.

With Matthews doing the polar opposite, I can't see how Vlahos, who appears to be the MCRC golden boy, can have a snowball's chance of winning on May 8th.

Remember, Vlahos has yet to censure King Jimmy or release a statement of displeasure with the current administration, vis a vis the shunning of Castor by King Jimbo and his new playmate, Prince Huffle of Liberalshire.

He's essentially the Matthews candidate. Read Full Text/Comments

Blood Drive Today!

Join me today at the Whitpain Township Building and give the gift of life!

State Representative Kate Harper and The American Red Cross will be holding a blood drive today, March 27, 2008 from 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM.

The drive will be held at The Whitpain Township Building, 960 Wentz Road, Blue Bell (Sponsor Code: 12018), and for your convenience we are offering the ability to schedule your appointment online by clicking here.

I'll be there at 1:45 to give my donation. This is the second year in a row that I've supported Representative Harper to help her reach her goal of 40 pints.

Less than five percent of the American population donates blood, yet 95% of all Americans will need blood at least once in their lifetime. Please show your support and schedule your donation today. Read Full Text/Comments

Rendell Wants to Borrow $240 Million Immediately For Roads and Bridges

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

HARRISBURG -- Gov. Ed Rendell today called on the state Legislature to quickly enact a "supplemental debt authorization" of $240 million to jump start necessary improvements to ailing bridges, roads and flood-prone areas.

He said two recent transportation-related problems -- when part of the Birmingham Bridge in Pittsburgh fell 8 inches in February, and last week, when a major crack was discovered in a support pillar for Interstate 95 in Philadelphia -- highlighted what officials already know: Road and bridge problems are getting worse, and could endanger motorists. I-95, a heavily traveled highway in Philadelphia, had to be shut down for three days, greatly adding to motorists' headaches.

The $240 million in borrowed money "will enable us to quicken the pace of repairing critical components of our state infrastructure," the governor said in a letter sent today to all 253 legislators.

Now, Let's see...I do believe that in 2006, Governor Rendell took $412 million in federal highway money, earmarked just for this infrastructure repair, and used it to bail out mass transit, particularly the Allegheny County part Authority and SEPTA, in Philadelphia:

Mass-Transit Budgets Strain under High Fuel Prices
The Patriot News, August 14, 2006

Penn. - As gas prices reach $3 a gallon following Hurricane Katrina and again this year, motorists across Pennsylvania are parking their cars and turning to mass transit. The increase in ridership is causing a strain on the two midstate mass-transit systems, Capital Area Transit and York County's Rabbittransit, which have experienced double digit increases over the past year. The state's largest systems in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have also seen significant increases in ridership.

But recent the upsurge in riders has created a funding deficit. Philadelphia's SEPTA has predicted a $55 million shortfall, and the Port Authority of Allegheny County is expecting a $31.5 million shortfall in 2007, according to authorities from those systems.

Gov. Ed Rendell used $412 million in federal highway money to bail out mass transit, the majority of which went to SEPTA and the Port Authority, because they were facing fare hikes and service cuts.

The governor plans to follow recommendations made by the Transportation Funding and Reform Commission for a long-term solution to the funding problems.

"One of the dilemmas is that mass transit has been ignored by everyone," said Frank Pinto, vice chairman of CAT's board of directors. "It's been more and more difficult to maintain systems."

Seems to me that Ed Spendell likes to rob from Peter to pay Paul. Problem is, last time, Peter was the federal government. This time it's you and me, my friends. More likely than not, this will become the next governor's problem. Thanks Eddie, thanks.

It's a rottens shame that PA doesn't have recall power, ala California. We couldn't possibly do any worse.

Read more about the proposed loan that our children and grandchildren will be left paying the note on. My bet is that Spendell will try to bully the legislature into voting for this by holding the state hostage, once again, when the new budget stands to be approved.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Montgomery County's Squeaky Third Wheel

From the Philadelphia Inquirer, in it's entirety:

Power-sharing Arrangement Has Commissioner Castor Blowing a Fuse.

By Derrick Nunnally
Inquirer Staff Writer

Hope for a quick political detente in Montgomery County has a hard time lasting past a glimpse into Bruce L. Castor Jr.’s office bathroom.

On the wall next to the toilet hangs the certificate solemnizing Castor’s position as a county commissioner - a display the outspoken Republican placed to symbolize his feelings about the top level of Montgomery County government.

“It will remain there,” Castor said, “until we regain control of the commission.”

Such are relations three months into the power-sharing arrangement that relegates Castor to anything-but-silent fuming from the sidelines while the commission’s other two members, Republican James R. Matthews and Democrat Joseph M. Hoeffel, govern in a bipartisan coalition.

The results: Hoeffel’s plans for economic and transportation development are moving along, as are a spate of county patronage appointments to Democrats - frequently over third-wheel Castor’s objections.

“Jim and I see eye to eye on a lot of these big things,” Hoeffel said. “It just developed. I wanted to see bipartisanship. Jim Matthews wanted the same thing. Bruce seemed to want the county run by Bruce.”

Each shrugged when told where Castor hangs his county commissioner’s certificate.

“He’s free to hang stuff wherever he wants to,” Hoeffel said. “To interpret everything, as he has been doing, in Republican vs. Democratic terms is not the best way to be productive.”

Initial clashes came over filling prominent jobs in a county that employs more than 3,200 people.

In January, Castor lashed out when Hoeffel campaign staffers Jeffrey Albert and James W. Maza were hired to county jobs paying more than $90,000 a year, Albert as full-time deputy solicitor and Maza as part-time deputy chief operating officer. Later that month, unsuccessful Democratic candidates for treasurer and sheriff were appointed as assistants in the county’s controller and coroner offices.

“The first thing we did, we hired all the big-shot Democrats we could find,” Castor complained.

Matthews countered that the parity between parties meant he had to make some concessions in the name of coalition government. The three commissioners have seats on the salary board with the county controller, who is an elected Democrat.

Albert and Maza, Matthews said, were qualified hires. As a result of his politicking, Matthews said, he was was able to shepherd the appointments of Republicans Barry Miller as solicitor and Stephen Heckman as chief public defender, as well as other hires, through a salary board where the two Democrats’ votes are enough to stop any candidate.

“I cannot accept a 2-2 logjam when it comes to staffing substantial positions,” Matthews said.

The skirmishes have come to policy matters, too, such as Hoeffel’s vision for Montgomery County economic development. It includes a dedicated fund and some consolidation of the five county-affiliated agencies now dealing with economic development. A March 6 vote led to the hiring of a consultant to shape this plan; Castor objected.

That day, Castor railed about a different political situation. Two outgoing county officials in December transferred thousands of dollars from their departments back to the county’s general fund, leaving their successors short on cash.

Solicitor Barry Miller’s opinion about returning the money asserted commissioners control over agency spending - which, Castor said, enables commissioners control over county entities such as the District Attorney’s Office. He complained that “the coming Democratic colossus” wants prosecutors kept manageable.

“The District Attorney’s Office is the biggest threat to the Democrats,” Castor said, citing the inherent popularity that comes with perpetually “wearing the white hat,” as his Republican successor, Risa Vetri Ferman, now does.

The roiling differences that have split the Republican commissioners are also playing out on the party level. Montgomery County Republican Chairman Kenneth E. Davis is stepping down after four years, and Castor and Matthews favor different candidates to replace him.

In party circles, Castor derides Matthews for not “acting like a Republican” in taking Hoeffel’s side on the commission, and he is similarly critical of the local Republican leadership’s recent record.

“Anybody is an improvement over Ken Davis, who is a complete incompetent,” Castor said.

Davis responded that Castor and his public feuding with members of his party made it impossible to keep top-level county Republicans united.

“Bruce Castor has an ego that is pretty much unmanageable,” Davis said. “He should’ve stayed in the District Attorney’s Office, where he was a big success.”

That Castor was so quickly maneuvered into a corner on the Board of Commissioners is an illustration of his political skills, Davis said.

He said Castor had done “a lot of damage” to the Republican Party in a short time, and suggested that Castor’s state-office ambitions might be crippled if he continues to languish as a commissioner without influence.

“When you’re the district attorney, you’re used to having a lot of people around you saying ‘Yes, sir,’ “ Davis said. “It’s a lot different when you have to be a partner. He’ll learn that once he gets older.”

Castor responded that, at 46, he is happy with his career choices and has “no burning desire” to be a statewide elected official.

“What I am unhappy about,” Castor said, “is that the will of the voters was overturned by Commissioner Matthews and his desire to deal with the Democrats.” Read Full Text/Comments

Barnes Friends Ask Judge To Reopen Case

The Fight Continues to Keep the Barnes in Lower Merion!
"It's not too late to make a U-turn," ..."The county would lose its most significant cultural asset and one of its most significant educational, economic and historical assets if the relocation is allowed", Montgomery County Deputy Solicitor Carolyn Carluccio said.
From the Barnes Foundation website:
"The Barnes Foundation was established by Albert C. Barnes in 1922 to "promote the advancement of education and the appreciation of the fine arts." Located in a twelve-acre arboretum, the Foundation is home to one of the world's largest collections of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and early Modern paintings, with extensive holdings by Picasso, Matisse, Cézanne, Renoir and Modigliani, as well as important examples of African sculpture. The Gallery and Arboretum are open to the public ( reservations are required), and courses in aesthetics and horticulture are available through the education department."

On Monday, opponents of the move told Ott that a new township ordinance would allow more visitors and that a county-backed $50 million purchase-lease back arrangement would give the Barnes a massive infusion of cash. They also said the Barnes building is eligible for National Historic Landmark status, opening up a possible source of federal funding.

Attorneys for the foundation and the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office, which has jurisdiction over the executors of wills, told Ott the county's financial proposal is far from guaranteed and the opponents' ideas are too little, too late.

There is a real opportunity to keep "The Barnes" here in Montgomery County, where it's always been and where Albert C. Barnes himself said shall "remain in exactly the places they are" after his death.

More on this in todays Bulletin.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Beginning Of A New Era...

...Where Men Will Beg Their Wives
To Let Them Do The Food Shopping:

Wegmans Market to get Liquor License:

Wegmans Food Markets has won permission from the state Liquor Control Board to sell beer at its Wilkes-Barre Township store and six other Pennsylvania supermarkets.

Wegmans also received liquor licenses for stores in Bethlehem, Dickson City, Erie, Lower Nazareth, State College and Williamsport. The company has applications pending to sell beer in Downington, Mechanicsburg and another store in Erie.

The liquor licenses will allow Wegmans to sell beer from its restaurants.

Customers will be able to purchase a minimum of two six-packs of beer for take-out from the cafes, said Wegmans spokeswoman Jo Natale.

"Customers also will be able to enjoy a glass of wine or beer as a complement to their meal," Natale said.

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Worth Reading

This was sent to me by a friend who just happens to share my last name...My brother from another mother, so to speak.

Thanks, Dave!

You may have seen this before, as I have-my mom sent this to me about a year ago. It's worth a second look. Feel free to share.

Since the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer are not allowed in most public schools anymore because the word 'God' is mentioned....
A kid in Arizona wrote the attached NEW School prayer :

Now I sit me down in school
Where praying is against the rule
For this great nation under God
Finds mention of Him very odd.

If Scripture now the class recites,
It violates the Bill of Rights.
And anytime my head I bow
Becomes a Federal matter now.

Our hair can be purple, orange or green,
That's no offense; it's a freedom scene.
The law is specific, the law is precise.
Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.

For praying in a public hall
Might offend someone with no faith at all.
In silence alone we must meditate,
God's name is prohibited by the state.

We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks,
And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks.
They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible.
To quote the Good Book makes me liable.

We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen,
And the 'unwed daddy,' our Senior King.
It's 'inappropriate' to teach right from wrong,
We're taught that such 'judgments' do not belong.

We can get our condoms and birth controls,
Study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles.
But the Ten Commandments are not allowed,
No word of God must reach this crowd.

It's scary here I must confess,
When chaos reigns the school's a mess.
So, Lord, this silent plea I make:
Should I be shot; My soul please take!
Amen Read Full Text/Comments

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thanks, Jim

I was reading Saturday's Times Herald and came across this article:

DA Candidate Finds Way Into County Courthouse

This puts the total of democrats who lost in the row officer race who now have county jobs at 3. Kelbin Carolina (Ran against Treasurer, Garrett Page) now works in the Controller's office, Ed Cheri (ran against Sheriff John P. Durante) now works as a deputy coroner, and now Peter Amuso, who ran against Risa Vetri Ferman (and lost), working for the Public Defender's office.

All I can say is this: Thanks Jim. You sit on the same salary board as Republican Commissioner Bruce Castor. You (sort of) ran on a slate (at least part of the time) to keep these people out of the courthouse. I find it reprehensible that you are voting with the dems on the salary board to embed these people into the fabric of the courthouse. It isn't because of their qualifications, either. Tell me when Ed Cheri ever performed or assisted in an autopsy before getting hired as an assistant coroner?

Chief Public Defender, Stephen Heckman, is quoted in the Times herald as saying:

"Heckman said that, in talking to Amuso, he did not believe Amuso had sufficient experience, particularly local trial experience, to serve as a part-time public defender. The 35-year-old Amuso previously worked as an in-house lawyer for a development company and had worked as a prosecutor with the U.S. Army.

The office uses veteran local defense attorneys as part-time public defenders to beef up its full-time staff, which is primarily young lawyers who recently graduated law school or having just one or two years of experience, Heckman explained."

How, then, could he justify the hire? Because the pressure was put on to do so, contrary to Heckman's stating the opposite during his Times Herald Interview. You don't hire an unqualified person to screw with people's futures. The Public Defender's office is the last hope of the poor and underprivileged in Montgomery County to have a fair shake in the legal system. It is their right to be provided with an attorney.

To put a man in there who, just a few short months ago, had hoped to put the very same people (he will now be defending) in prison is a joke.

I hope when people find out who he is, they immediately ask for another attorney. They deserve, at least, an attorney that the public defender has confidence in. Looking back to Heckman's quote, Amuso doesn't quite make the cut.

Once again, thanks, Jim. The courthouse may have needed some renovations, but it doesn't look pleasing in the new shade of blue that you've picked.

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Monday Morining Funnies

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

As a Christian, I always look forward to Easter more so than any of the other holidays. Why Easter, you may ask?

It's not just about the Easter baskets, egg hunts or the flowers. These things make the day better, of course. The kiddies look forward to these things, naturally.

The reason is this:

Today, my Savior rose, in fulfillment of the scriptures. The Bible says it. I believe it. It's called faith.

To those of you who share in my faith, Happy Easter. To those who do not, Happy Sunday. It's your day, too.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

It Was Bound To Happen

A picture is worth a thousand words...the by-product of a speech about hate and race.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Tony Phyrillas Reports on the 17th Senatorial District

Paolino launches first TV ad in state Senate race

Endorsed Republican Lance Rogers may be raking in the backing of party leaders and fellow politicians, but Lisa Paolino is taking her message directly to the people of Pennsylvania's 17th Senatorial District.

The Paolino for Senate Committee announced it has launched its first TV ad with five weeks to go until the Pennsylvania's April 22 Primary Election.

The 30-second spot, entitled "Message," is the first by a candidate in the race, according to Paolino's camp.

It will air on local cable stations across the 17th Senate District, comprised of 11 towns in Delaware and Montgomery counties.

Television advertising is rare for state legislative races, especially a primary contest. But this race is drawing a lot of interest. It's a rare opportunity for Republicans to take a Senate district that was considered a safe Democratic seat. Republicans hold a 29-21 majority in the 50-member state Senate. (Click here to read the whole post)

Click here to view Paolino's commercial.

Click here to download a pdf of Roger's endorsements. Read Full Text/Comments

Throw Grandma Under the Train...

...or, How to Effectively Trash your "Typically White" Granny For the Sake of Your Campaign!

Obama is at it again!

He throws his 86 year old grandma under the bus" in a vain attempt to smooth out the racially hateful pablum that has been the news of late.

In an interview with Angelo Cataldi (610-WIP radio) he was specifically asked to comment on his grandma's prejudices. His answer? Simply put:
"The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity, but that she is a typical white person. If she sees somebody on the street that she doesn't know - there's a reaction in her that's been bred into our experiences that don't go away and sometimes come out in the wrong way and that's just the nature of race in our society."
Typical White Person??? WTF? What is a "typical white person"? Can I get some clarification, Barack? Is it the one who gets up every day and goes to work to provide for themselves or their family? Or is it the white person who spews bigoted rhetoric towards blacks? Is it the Nazi from the Third Reich who wants to exterminate those who aren't like him? The KKK member? The "Man"?

Or, is it the little old granny, accosted by a vagrant (who happened to be black), who then told her husband that he was a person of color that almost attacked her? Maybe it was his physical presence that unnerved her and all she remembered is that he was this "typical"?

Or, was she just a very observant person, who remembered the minute details of a person on the street that she tried to show kindness to, only to have him bite the hand that fed her?

Either way, it's a real shame that Barack has to trash-talk his Grandma for the sake of a hateful, scurrilous trash-mouthed "preacher", who just may have been the Achilles Heel of the Obama campaign.

What if, hypothetically, I were to say that Barack Obama and/or his minister were a "typical black man"? You'd call me a racist. You'd call me a bigot. Why? A double standard that will continue to exist as long as the Obama's of the world continue to get away with crap like this. (For the record, I can't define anybody I've ever met, in my entire life, as "typical" our infinite uniqueness, the human race is far from "typical".) This double standard has to end before any of the "Change" Obama likes to preach can be realized. Throwing granny under the train isn't the solution.

In my opinion, Obama should have been a better judge of character when choosing his friends and confidants. Things tend to come back and bite you in the a** sometimes. I'm sure he'll be hard pressed to win, considering the half-a**ed statements he continues to make.

And, as far as "Change" is concerned, nothing ever "changes". Obama is a politician throwing another person under the bus for the sake of his political career. My prediction? He'll never be elected president of anything, including his children's PTA.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of spring. For some reason, my admittedly feeble mind has been jarred and I am waxing nostalgic about a SNL routine I viewed (way back when) with Chevy Chase and John Belushi (yeah, I'm that old).

It's based on the premise that Spring "comes in like a lion and out like a lamb". The full text is below:

Chevy Chase:
Last week we made the comment that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Now here to reply is our chief meteorologist, John Belushi, with a seasonal report.

John Belushi:
Thank you Chevy. Well, another winter is almost over and March true to form has come in like a lion, and hopefully will go out like a lamb. At least that’s how March works here in the United States.

But did you know that March behaves differently in other countries? In Norway, for example, March comes in like a polar bear and goes out like a walrus. Or, take the case of Honduras where March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a salt marsh harvest mouse.

Let’s compare this to the Maldive Islands where March comes in like a wildebeest and goes out like an ant. A tiny, little ant about this big.

[holds thumb and index fingers a small distance apart]

Unlike the Malay Peninsula where March comes in like a worm-eating fernbird and goes out like a worm-eating fernbird. In fact, their whole year is like a worm-eating fernbird.

Or consider the Republic of South Africa where March comes in like a lion and goes out like a different lion. Like one has a mane, and one doesn’t have a mane. Or in certain parts of South America where March swims in like a sea otter, and then it slithers out like a giant anaconda.

There you can buy land real cheap, you know. And there’s a country where March hops in like a kangaroo, and stays a kangaroo for a while, and then it becomes a slightly smaller kangaroo. Then, then, then for a couple of days it’s sort of a cross between a, a frilled lizard and a common house cat.

[Chevy Chase tries to interrupt him]

Wait wait wait wait. Then it changes back into a smaller kangaroo, and then it goes out like a, like a wild dingo. Now, now, and it’s not Australia! Now, now, you’d think it would be Australia, but it’s not!

[Chevy Chase tries to interrupt him]

Now look, pal! I know a country where March comes in like an emu and goes out like a tapir. And they don’t even know what it means! All right? Now listen, there are nine different countries, where March comes in like a frog, and goes out like a golden retriever. But that- that’s not the weird part! No, no, the weird part is, is the frog. The frog- The weird part is-

[In true Belushi style, he has a seizure and falls off chair]

I hope you enjoyed this masterpiece in comedy. It should go down in history as one of the most hilarious skits ever done on SNL.

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Photo Caption Contest!

Come up with a caption for this pic (I glommed it from, and I'll send the winner a signed "writemarsh" button. (whoopee!)

Contest Rules:

1) Must click on the email link to the right to participate, otherwise, I can't send you the button.

2) No foul or "adult" themes. My kids read this blog.

3) Top five captions will win. Multiple entries allowed, but only 1 button per person.

4) All entries must include name and address. If you wish to remain anonymous, I will respect your privacy and will not post your name.

5) Contest ends Friday, March 28th, at midnight, EST. Winning captions will be the "Monday Morning Funnies" for March 31st.

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Joey Vento Vindicated!

From NBC-10's website:

Ruling: Geno's Steaks English-Only Signs Not Discriminatory

The owner of a famous cheesesteak shop did not discriminate when he posted signs telling customers "This is America: WHEN ORDERING 'PLEASE SPEAK ENGLISH,"' a three-member city panel ruled Wednesday.

In a 2-1 vote, the Commission on Human Relations panel found that the two signs at Geno's Steaks do not violate the city's Fair Practices Ordinance. Shop owner Joe Vento posted them than two years ago because of concerns over immigration reform and the increasing number of people from the area who could not order in English.Vento said he has never refused service to anyone because they couldn't speak English, but critics argued that the signs discourage customers of certain backgrounds from eating at the shop. The panel issued its ruling three months after a December public hearing in which one critic called the signs a reminder of the Jim Crow era. (Read the entire story here)

Joey Vento had to endure the scrutiny of a bunch of morons. They wasted the taxpayers of Philadelphia's money and resources to prove what we already knew...that Joey had a right to conduct his business without intervention from the local government. They (the panel) are stupid if they think Vento would say "I'm not serving you, speak English, or go across the street and give your $6.50 to Pat's". Well, Philly, that's what you get when you vote in liberal public officials...stupidity like this.

Now, go to Geno's and get a cheesesteak...we (in general) at least owe that to Mr. Vento after what he's had to endure...make mine mushrooms and whiz-wid!

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I'll Take My Toys and Go Home...

Looks like the anti-gun "d's" in Harrisburg can't seem to muster any support for stupid gun issues:

Gun-control measure derailed in House

HARRISBURG - A much-anticipated vote in the state House on a gun-control measure was derailed yesterday when Democratic leaders couldn't muster enough members to keep it on track. Looks like the anti-gun "d's" in Harrisburg can't seem to muster any support for stupid gun issues:

The House was scheduled to resume debate yesterday on a proposal to require gun owners to report lost or stolen weapons.

But Democrats, who have a razor-thin (102-101) margin of control in the chamber, were forced to suspend the afternoon voting session when they realized they were four votes shy of the majority needed to control floor action.

Can't get the votes, so they take their toys and go home...I'm sure they will try to piggy-back this bill on one that the rank and file will look foolish opposing, which is par for the course.

Read the rest here.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MCRC Launches New Website

MontCo GOP Starts Website to Register Republicans

Republicans want to re-capture GOP faithful voting in Democratic Primary

For Immediate Release
March 18th, 2008
Contact: Athan Koutsiouroumbas
Tel: 610-283-0898

BLUE BELL: Ken Davis, Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Committee, announced the creation of today.

“We have started a website,, to help Republicans across the state come back home to their party after the primary,” said Ken Davis.

“Voters can go to where they can provide us with their mailing address and we’ll send them a Republican voter registration form,” continued Davis, “It’s just that easy.”

“We are fortunate to have Pennsylvania be the focus of National politics this primary season,” said Davis, “I look forward to the Democrats spending millions of dollars in Pennsylvania to expose their flaws and misguided policies.”

“While I don’t like Republicans registering Democrat to vote for or against a Democrat candidate,” said Davis, “I want our Republican voters to know that we look forward to them coming back home on April 23rd.”

Voters statewide can access to register Republican both before and after the Primary. The Montgomery County Republican Committee will work with counties across the Commonwealth in a coordinated effort to re-register Republicans and help build the party.

[ed. note: although I cringed at the thought of supporting Ken Davis in any venture, this time I have to I (shudder) also agree that good, loyal "R's" should never, ever, for any reason, change their party, any way to get good, loyal Republicans back to the fold is a good thing.

Also, if you are uncomfortable doing anything online, click on my email link, send me your name and address, and I will mail a registration form out to you. B.]
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Colonial Schools Closed on Election Day

I just received the following update from the Colonial Schools email hotline:

District Announces Calendar Change

The Colonial School District has announced a calendar change for April. Recognizing that voter turnout for the April 22 primary election is anticipated to be heavy and realizing the potential for disruptions in schools where polling takes place, the District is canceling classes for all students that day. April 22 will be a holiday for students and a professional development day for staff.

"We're pleased that the presidential primary is reinvigorating the election process in the country," said Colonial Superintendent Dr. Vincent F. Cotter. "However, with a large voter turnout predicted, we are going to err on the side of caution and eliminate any safety concerns by keeping students at home that day."

Cotter added that the District will cancel the early dismissal scheduled for students on the following Thursday. April 24 will now be a regular school day for both students and teachers.
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"Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies..."

King James is at it again.

In a two-part interview with The Evening Bulletin (click here for part one, here for part two), His Highness refutes any of the blame being placed on himself for the current state of affairs in Montgomery County. What most perceive as the traitorous act of a scoundrel, Matthews claims was done to "protect" the Republican Party.

How can the Republicans being in charge hurt the party? In King James' pretzel logic, anything is possible.

Throughout the interview, Matthews becomes indignant over the phrasing of a handful of questions, but, in his blind desire to be heard, answers the questions anyway with even more lies and spin.

It's almost like King James III has started a propaganda war to make Castor look foolish. Problem is, if he keeps it up, people may start to believe his garbage and rhetoric. It has happened throughout history. One such instance that I am reminded of is:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”, Joseph Goebbels
Not that the state of Montgomery County has deteriorated to the level of Pre-WWII Nazi Germany, but the propagation of the lies by Matthews is just as heinous. Just ask those who's careers and livelihood have and will be in jeopardy by his lies. And, what is he not telling us about the state of our Montgomery County? With all of these new hires and programs, his claim is that we are "under budget"...I find that to be a hard pill to swallow.

Our only hope is that as this charade by Matthews continues, his lies will change (some already have) and people will pick up on that fact. Jim's new career as a a "bi-partisan" political opportunist is being perpetuated by his "convenient" lies. Eventually, they will come back and bite him on the rear-end.

The lies have spilled over into his private life, as well. I will be very surprised to see his wife switch her registration back after the primary election. As a Republican committeeman, I would be appalled if my wife changed her registration-for any reason. Once again, political opportunism wins over what is "right".

Hell, I'll bet that, at this point, even Joe Hoeffel has someone watching his back. If not, he should. It's only a matter of time...

B. Read Full Text/Comments

Reminder: Blood Drive Next Week

State Representative Kate Harper and The American Red Cross will be holding a blood drive on March 27, 2008 from 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM.

The drive will be held at The Whitpain Township Building, 960 Wentz Road, Blue Bell (Sponsor Code: 12018), and for your convenience we are offering the ability to schedule your appointment online by clicking here.

Less than five percent of the American population donates blood, yet 95% of all Americans will need blood at least once in their lifetime. Please show your support and schedule your donation today.

Thank You,
Kathy Rusch
Legislative Aide to Representative Kate Harper
61st Legislative District
(610) 277-3230 Read Full Text/Comments

Beatle Break: McCartney-Mills Divorce Settlement

Looks like Mills is only getting what Sir Paul had offered. This is a follow-up to my story from a month ago:

Published: March 18, 2008

A British judge awarded Heather Mills, right, a total of £24.3 million, about $48.9 million, in her divorce settlement with Paul McCartney. In a summary of his decision, the judge in the case, Hugh Bennett, said that Mr. McCartney would pay Ms. Mills a lump sum of £16.5 million (about $33.2 million); this would be in addition to Ms. Mills’s current assets of £7.8 million (about $15.7 million). Mr. McCartney, 65, must also provide the equivalent of about $70,000 a year for the couple’s 4-year-old daughter, Beatrice, and pay her school and nanny fees.

The judge said that Mr. McCartney had about £400 million in assets, and that Ms. Mills, 40, had originally asked for almost £125 million. They married in 2002 and separated four years later. After the decision Mr. McCartney left the court, declining comment; Ms. Mills spoke at length to waiting reporters. Among other things, she accused Mr. McCartney of wanting their daughter to fly economy, while he flew first class. The judge said he planned to make his entire ruling public; Ms. Mills said she would contest that. Read Full Text/Comments

Monday, March 17, 2008

Whitemarsh Supervisor McLenigan is Doing Her Part...

(Jean also owns and rides this Harley/Davidson motorcycle that gets upwards of 45-48 mpg...ed.)

Whitemarsh Supervisor Jean McLenigan's car is far more fuel efficient than you might expect. The silver sedan, a '97 Mercedes E-300 diesel, can make it up to 200 miles on a gallon of ... cooking grease.

McLenigan is one of an estimated 10,000 Americans driving a diesel vehicle converted to run on waste vegetable oil, according to Justin Carven, president of Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems.

Carven says his company has sold 4,200 conversion kits in the past seven years, including one to McLenigan, and the demand is continuing to rise with the price of gasoline.

Read more about Jean's lack of dependence on foreign oil. Read Full Text/Comments

Monday Morning Funnies

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

A couple of guys in uniform (can someone help me out with the branch or department) belt out "Scotland the Brave" in a very distinct style:

Human Bagpipes Read Full Text/Comments

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"I See Your True Colors, Shining Through[...]"

(ed. with apologies to Cyndi Lauper, I ain't buying it.)

Two Women Go From GOP Red to Dem Blue For Primary
By MARGARET GIBBONS , Times Herald Staff

COURTHOUSE — Two well-known Montgomery County Republican women now are Democrats, at least temporarily.

Lita Indzel Cohen, the former state lawmaker from Lower Merion, and Karen Matthews, the wife of Republican County Commissioners’ Chairman James R. Matthews, late last month switched their party affiliations in order to be eligible to vote in the April 22 Democratic presidential primary election.

However, in separate telephone interviews Friday, both women said they are immediately returning to the GOP fold after casting their ballots. Matthews added that she filled out her card to re-register as a Republican at the same time she switched her registration to Democrat and plans to mail in the re-registration card April 23.

Although they will be voting for opposing Democratic presidential candidates, both women said their desire to vote in the Democratic primary was sparked by New York U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

Read the rest of the story here. But, like I said, I ain't buying it. I heard through the grapevine that Lita Cohen had supported John Kerry in the last presidential election, and King James is one foot on a banana peel from becoming a democrat already, so why would either of these RINO's switch back anyway?

B. Read Full Text/Comments

Friday, March 14, 2008

Barack Obama's Racist Minister

Barack Obama's hype notwithstanding, his credibility is severly hampered by the rhetoric being spewed by his extremely racist minister, Jeremiah Wright.

(see video, and folks, watch the entire thing, as I make a poignant point below)

I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton, but the man goes a bit too far.

"Reverend" Wright makes the point in his hateful diatribe that Hillary Clinton has never known what it was to be a "non-person" as a lot of blacks were pre-civil war. He goes on to say that she also was never denied many rights and privileges, as Barack's "people" (um...he-s half Caucasian) were. Some quotes by Wright:

"God Damn America cause it's in the bible" Um, no it "ain't".

"He ain't white, he ain't rich and he ain't privileged." Um, he ain't more than half white, he is rich and he is privileged. He lives in a stately $1.65 million home on Chicago's South Side, for crissakes.

"Hillary never had a cab whiz past her..." I doubt Hillary has ever waited for a cab in her life...bad analogy.

"Hillary was not a poor black boy raised in a single parent home, Barack was." Um, his mother was white (again...sigh) and he was raised in a life that was, in fact, semi-privileged. Click here for further info on his formative years' upbringing. In fact,and most ironic, Obama's black father deserted him and he was raised by his white mother and white grandparents.

Hillary has never had her "people" defined as a non-person."
Um, weren't women considered chattel property in some cultures?

He goes on to speak about other injustices bestowed on his beloved "Barack" just because he is black (half black, sigh again).

Let's play devil's advocate and define Hillary's "people" as women. Well then, let's play this thing he leaves out is the fact that Barack's "people" have had a right that Hillary's "people" had to wait another fifty-plus years to enjoy...Blacks were given the right to vote in the years immediately following the Civil War, women had to wait until 1920 to enjoy the same privilege:

In the United States, people have always been proud of their right to vote and help decide how the government will work. After the Civil War, the Constitution was changed to make sure black men had the right to vote. For twelve years after the Civil War, soldiers of the Union Army helped make sure that Blacks would get to vote in the South.
The Reconstruction Acts of 1867 and 1868 were very important because they stated that Blacks could take part in every political process. The legislation ended the power of the white-run government in the southern states and divided them into five military districts run by the army. The heads of the district governments were to sign up everyone who could vote no matter what color they were. They were to elect delegates for state conventions to help write new constitutions. In cities and towns across the South, voting registrars signed up new black voters and created public meetings to teach Blacks about the American government and the benefits of citizenship.
Although In 1848, at the Seneca Falls Convention in New York, activists including Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony began a seventy year struggle to secure the right to vote for women, national women’s suffrage, did not exist until 1920. During the beginning of the twentieth century, as women's suffrage gained in popularity, suffragists were subject to arrests and many were jailed. Finally, President Woodrow Wilson urged Congress to pass what became, when it was ratified in 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment. Today the Center for American Women and Politics keeps alive the push for more women to continue to participate in government.

Wright's argument is the same tired, old rhetoric that we've been hearing for years. Cry racism and you incite shame. The problem is, we ain't buying it anymore.

When any man, for crissakes, works hard and becomes a serious contender for the U.S. Presidency, racism has no place in the argument. Obama got there on his merits, not because he is black, nor despite the fact he is black.

Barack's campaign may have just landed in the toilet. Lucky us.


Click here to read even more!
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St. Patrick's Parade Kicks Off in Conshohocken

Times Herald File Story:

The annual St. Patrick’s Parade of Montgomery County steps off Saturday in Conshohocken.

The parade, organized a committee of men and women from the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Notre Dame Division of Swedesburg, Upper Merion Township, features the theme “Sharin’ the Green.”

The group has worked over the last six months obtaining bands, participates and sponsors for this community event.

Committee chairman for the 2008 parade is Jim Gallagher, who has been active within the committee for several years and took over when past Chairman Pete Hand was nominated Grand Marshal.

The parade will “kick off” at 11th and Fayette Streets at 2 p.m. Leading the parade will be the Combined Police Task Force Motorcycle Drill Team of Montgomery County and the V.F.W. Color Guard of Conshohocken.

Organizers note that, as in the past, the parade will be loaded with musical entertainment. Some of the bands participating will be the 307th Army Band located in Norristown, the Air Force Band out of Harrisburg, along with high school bands from New Jersey and pipe bands from throughout the region, including the AOH Notre Dame’s own Irish Thunder Pipes and Drums.

Irish dancers from Coyle, Catrin, McDade and Cummings Schools will be entertaining the crowd with their “jig and reels.” AOH, LAOH and the Irish Americans of Montgomery County will be represented.

At the reviewing stand where the bands and dancers will stop, Grand Marshal Pete Hand with his family and friends will observe the parade.

Once Hand is on the reviewing stand, vocalist Sara Agnew will open the parade with the singing of the National Anthem.

In keeping the theme, the parade committee asks that onlookers “share” by bringing dry or can goods to support those in need.

The food will be divided between the Patrician Society of Norristown and the Colonial Neighborhood Council.

The borough of Conshohocken is gearing up for the event with businesses ready to welcome spectators during and after the parade. Read Full Text/Comments

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Registration Surge

We are seeing a phenomenon like no other these days...The registration gap between Republican and democrat voters is closing faster than it has in years.

Some people will try to blame the low "R" and the High "d" registration numbers on the committee people. I've even blamed Ken Davis for his lack of effective recruiting over the past 3.5 years. Before now, this, in my opinion, surely has been the case.

What, then, is leading the surge, you may ask?

My theory is this: many Republican voters are concerned with the almost messiah-like following Barack Hussein Obama is receiving from the masses. It almost seems prophetic, on a biblical level.

Obama supporters are becoming more and more cult-like in the rhetoric they are spreading about him. There is even a commercial supporting Obama where the people are chanting "O-Ba-Ma, O-Ba-Ma", over and over again, reaching a crescendo at the end that is eerily reminiscent of a "Moonie" rally. (click here to view commercial, tip to D. B. Light and his blog, Light Seeking Light)

The rank and file Republican voter probably thinks that we need a McCain vs. Clinton ticket this November for us to win. I can't say that I disagree. With the groundswell of support that Obama is getting in the media, both from the press and from the entertainment industry, the "sheeple" are enamored with his pomp and circumstance. His message is just vague enough that people can spin it into something they really identify with, without Obama being too specific. He gets off the hook with the issue of "change".


ABC’s Jake Tapper notes the “Helter-Skelter cultish qualities” of “Obama worshipers,” what Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times calls “the Cult of Obama.” Obama’s Super Tuesday victory speech was a classic of the genre. Its effect was electric, eliciting a rhythmic fervor in the audience — to such rhetorical nonsense as “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. (Cheers, applause.) We are the change that we seek.”
Empty words that can excite the masses. Fortunately, Republican voters are smart enough not to get caught up in the ObamaMania. And, they mean to do something about it.

They are registering (most, for the first time) democrat to vote for (shudder) the Hildebeast. At least with her as the nominee, John McCain's almost a shoe-in to win the general election in November. A good example of why is showcased on PA Watercooler today. (click here and follow the links) It's an extremely rational argument and a must read.

I just hope that those who change their registration for the primary don't forget to change back!


F.Y.I.- the last day to register in PA (for the primary) is March 24th. The first day to register after the primary is April 23rd. Read Full Text/Comments

Moving upstream with ‘row’ of support

Several GOP officials sign letter endorsing chairman candidate-hopeful Robert Kerns
MARGARET GIBBONS, Times Herald Staff

COURTHOUSE — Montgomery County’s Republican row officers have thrown their support behind the county GOP chairmanship candidacy of Robert J. Kerns.

“The Republican Party has been through some rough times in Montgomery County,” the row officers said in a letter sent out to the party’s 800-plus committee members. “It is our hope that by uniting behind one leader we can begin to rebuild and restore our once powerful organization. With his experience and proven track record of success, Bob Kerns is tailor-made for this challenge.”

The row officers who signed the letter include Recorder of Deeds Nancy J. Becker, Jury Commissioner Marie N. Cavanaugh, Sheriff John P. Durante, District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman and Treasurer Garrett D. Page.

Also adding his signature to the letter was county Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr.

Read the rest of the article (click here) to see who the lone "hold-out" , not supporting Kerns is...I'll bet you can guess-Hint? He lives in the shadow of his more famous brother.


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Alleged Political Stabbing Headed to Trial

Follow up on an incredible story of political rivalry.

From today's Times Herald:

An Upper Providence man, accused of ending a political argument by stabbing his brother-in-law with a kitchen knife, will stand trial on all of the charges against him.

With his victim in the courtroom of District Judge Walter F. Gadzicki Jr., Jose Antonio Ortiz, 28, of the 100 block of Honeylocust Court, Thursday opted to waive his preliminary hearing on charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another and possession of an instrument of crime.

The stabbing occurred on Feb. 21 when Ortiz and Sean Shurelds, 42, of Lower Salford, became embroiled in a heated dispute over Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

County Assistant District Attorney John N. Gradel said his office is taking the case "Very seriously."

"Most of us settle these differences in the voting booth," said Gradel. "I don't believe that pulling a knife and stabbing another person is the way to handle it."

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

King James III: The Kal-El Proclamation March 12

Once again, the further ramblings of King James III, courtesy of

Look at the expression on King James' face when the interviewer schools him on the election results (at 2:12) a deer in the headlights!!! Watch as His highness squirms when caught in a lie!


Priceless Read Full Text/Comments

Commissioners Hire Consultant for Strategic Economic Development

Castor protests nearly $100K expenditure


The Times Herald

Wednesday, March 12 2008

NORRISTOWN —Montgomery County will pay nearly $100,000 to a consultant who will be responsible for creating a strategic economic development policy for the county.

The county commissioners voted 2-1 recently to hire Econsult Corp. of Philadelphia to provide the professional consulting services at a cost of $99,950. The company will be charged with having the economic policy in the hands of the commissioners within six months.

“It certainly seems to me, even with happily recognizing the strong economic position of this county, that there are parts of this county that need revitalization and redevelopment. I think this (approval) of the consultant’s contract is a good step toward the creation of a county economic plan,” said Democratic Commissioner Joseph M. Hoeffel III, who supported the measure with Republican Commissioners’ Chairman James R. Matthews.

But Republican Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr. voted against the contract, believing the cost is too steep and that the county already has people with expertise sitting on a so-called economic development cabinet.

Seems like King James is giving away the whole more here.

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Bait and Switch Politics

Conservative Philly radio host wants GOPers to change to Dems for primaries
By Margaret Gibbons

Times Herald Staff

COURTHOUSE — Philadelphia radio personality Dom Giordano is preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his Republican Party.

Giordano, a talk show host on primarily conservative WHAT 1210 AM Philadelphia, later this week intends to re-register as a Democrat.

(ed. note: Dom is a radio personality on WPHT, The Big Talker 1210 AM)

And his registration switch has nothing to do with the cobwebs he routinely finds on the voting machines set aside for GOP voters in heavily Democratic Philadelphia, he claims.

A strong supporter of presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain, Giordano has hatched a Machiavellian plot that requires him to go undercover as a Democrat to make it possible, or at least easier, for McCain to win the election next November.

(Seems to me that the surge in Democrat voter registration may be an eminence front after all)

Read the rest of the story here.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

I told you in my previous post, "I Can Take It", that I am at least honest enough with myself that I can admit a mistake, and take the steps necessary to fix it.

Sometimes, though, you need a gentle push to see "the forest for the trees". Sometimes you need a good hard shove.

Although I did not at the time think that there was an issue with it, I decided earlier today to remove the entire "Lance Rogers Press Release" for personal and professional reasons.

As I always do with the comments I receive, I checked for foul language, then for libel and slander, then I post them.

Today, I feel I did not do myself or my blog due diligence when I posted all of the comments. Although not libelous or slanderous, some of them were outright nasty towards a woman who I admire and respect. It took some reminding of that fact for me to get my head out of a very dark and smelly place. For that reason, I started to remove some of the remarks that I thought to be most abrasive. When I realized that I would have to remove all but a few of the over 10 comments posted, and that it took about a minute to remove each, I decided to just delete the post entirely.

Some of you may not agree with why I deleted the post, others may think that I censored their comments, and others may just agree with my "pretzel logic".

What I know is that when doing this, I must sometimes walk a tightrope, mostly without a safety net. I'm not going to please everyone all of the time. I will stumble and I will fall. Hopefully, not too hard.

I was and still am a fervent supporter of our District Attorney, Risa Vetri Ferman. It took a good, hard shove to remind me of my commitment to her. Fortunately for me, today I had a safety net. And sure, being wrong hurts, but I can take it.

B. Read Full Text/Comments

Born-Again Republican Enters Primary

A nice article about Marc Perry in the Springfield (PA) Sun:

Former Springfield Township Commissioner - and former Democrat - Marc H. Perry is running for the Pennsylvania state Senate from District 7 on the Republican ticket, hoping to unseat incumbent Democrat Vincent Hughes, who has held the position since 1994.

Perry's candidacy has been endorsed by the Montgomery County and Philadelphia County Republican parties, and he will be unopposed in the April 22 Republican primary.

Because District 7 contains neighborhoods from both Philadelphia and Montgomery counties, the constituency is diverse and its issues complicated, Perry, 40, said in an interview Wednesday.

Click here to read more. Read Full Text/Comments

Monday Morning Funnies (a day late)

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Poll: Most Americans Don't Read Political Blogs

(Interesting poll...The average percentage of people who read political blogs is about half that of voter turnout. ed)

By Ellen Wulfhorst
Mon Mar 10, 3:54 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A majority of Americans do not read political blogs, the online commentaries that have proliferated in the race for the U.S. presidency, according to a poll released on Monday.

Only 22 percent of people responding to the poll said they read blogs regularly, meaning several times a month or more, according to the survey conducted by Harris Interactive.

Political blogs, in which writers, pundits and other participants voice opinions in online forums, burst into the spotlight in the 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns. Some of the most high-profile blogs are influential on campaign strategies, media coverage and public perception of the candidates and issues.

Unlike traditional, mainstream media, blogs often adopt a specific point of view. Critics complain they can contain unchecked facts, are poorly edited and use unreliable sources.

Despite the attention blogs can get, the poll said 56 percent of Americans say they never read blogs that discuss politics. Another 23 percent read them several times a year, the survey showed.

While blogs are largely considered the realm of young people who are most Internet-savvy, only 19 percent of people ages 18 to 31, and 17 percent of those ages 32 to 43, regularly read a political blog, the poll said.

The generation most likely to read such blogs are those age 63 or older, 26 percent of whom said they do so. Also, 23 percent of those ages 44 to 62 read them, the poll said.

Roughly an even number -- 22 percent of Republicans and 20 percent of Democrats -- regularly read blogs, while 26 percent of independents do the same, the poll showed.

The poll was conducted online from January 15 to January 22 among 2,302 adults. Harris said it does not calculate or provide a margin of error because it finds such figures can be misleading.

(Editing by Eric Beech) Read Full Text/Comments

Monday, March 10, 2008

I Can Take It

Dear Readers,

I have been getting a tremendous amount of support concerning the guy (who says he's my conscience) that has been posting on

I appreciate all of your support. (Your support has moved my blog up ten spots to number 7 for this week! Thanks!)

But, I can take it. When I started this blog, I knew that everyone wouldn't agree with my point of view. As a matter of fact, in my very first post, I stated that "opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one and most of them stink". I stand by that statement. There are but a few out there who's opinions do not stink...G-d, Jesus Christ, mom, dad, my wife, etc.

Then there's the rest of us. Nobody is going to agree with everything we have to say all of the time.

For example, I really like Tony Phyrillas' blog. Heck, I glom stuff from him all of the time to share with you. But, I don't always agree with him. I can't get on board with his stand on tax reform, as I am glad to pay the school taxes that I do to ensure a quality education for my kids. That's why I moved into this school district.

But, I do agree with his conservative point of view and his right to express it. And to do so by proudly putting his name behind his thoughts.

This guy who thinks he's my conscience is a coward. He refuses to put his name behind his words. He chooses to use my name instead (hehe, I feel like I'm his role model). I accept that, it's his cross to bear. I proudly place my name behind my words, right or wrong. If found to be wrong, I'll admit as much and correct my mistake. Unlike him, I do have a conscience.

I've had one my whole life. I see it every time I kiss my kids goodnight, hug my wife, tell my folks that I love them and look in the mirror.

My conscience is my name. The one that my parents gave me, the one that I sign whenever I write an opinion column...

B. Read Full Text/Comments

A Voting Revolution

New software may make it easier for the rank and file to do a better job-ed.

Philadelphia - Two Philadelphia Republicans this week discussed with The Bulletin a new software program they plan to make available to GOP committeepersons nationwide to foster Republican activism while avoiding bureaucratic inefficiencies.

A county or municipal committeeperson wishing to get access to information on voters' election-day attendance records and party affiliations on a given street in a given town will usually get such information from a county party committee or an area campaign. These entities obtain the data from their parties' national voter databases - Voter Vault in the case of Republicans, Demzilla in the case of Democrats. But intra-party sharing of such information isn't always easy.

Read the rest of Bradley Vasoli's report here. Read Full Text/Comments

Gerlach Holds Issues Roundtable

Discusses immigration, health care, other matters with The Times Herald
By KEITH PHUCAS, Times Herald Staff

NORRISTOWN — Republican congressman James Gerlach, R-6th Dist., who is seeking a third congressional term, discussed a wide range of issues Friday at an editorial roundtable at The Times Herald.

Gerlach, who narrowly defeated Democrat Lois Murphy in 2006, kicked off of his campaign in January. The current campaign pits the House member against Democratic challenger Robert Roggio.

“It will be a competitive race, and we’ll be ready for it,” Gerlach said.

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mark Your Calendars

This Saturday, March 15th will mark the third year that I will/have participated in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Conshohocken.

For most of my life, I considered myself a "Scotsman", especially after researching my ancestors on my father's side (Shaw) and finding names like MacAlister and Loughaby (pronounced "Lockaby") among them. I have really identified with my Scottish roots, to the point that I am still considering learning the "pipes" and purchasing my family tartan.

Just recently, though, I was really missing my grandparents. My grandfather passed away in 1995 and my grandmother early 2006. My mom told me once, a long time ago, that my grandfather's father was from England, but was Irish. I guess it was filed away in my memory and never became a point to recall, until recently. Their last name was Lawlor.

After researching the Lawlor name, I came to find that the name is, in fact, a very old surname, originating about the time that surnames became popularly used in Scotland, Ireland and England. It's original form was O'Lalor (Irish : reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Leathlobhair ‘descendant of Leathlobhar’, a personal name composed of the elements leath ‘half’ (i.e. ‘somewhat’, ‘fairly’) and lobar, ‘sick’. The name seems to have been originally a byname for a man of unhealthy constitution. [ed. note: if the namesake fits, it may have meant that they were half-nuts!-it surely hasn't skipped this generation! LOL]). It has evolved into several forms-O'Lalor, Lawler, Lawless, L'Lallour (Fr.Brittany), and ours, being "Lawlor".

I could go on and on...I love to research my family history. But, back to point-I really never considered myself Irish. With the "mix" that is my family make-up, I was the League of Nations, at the very least. But, if you look at the dominant names on both sides of the family, I am mostly Scots-Irish. And, proud of it.

Getting back on track-Please join everyone in Conshohocken on March 15th at 2 p.m. for the annual St Patrick's Day parade. My son and I will be walking in the parade with the Montgomery County Irish American Society, who's president is Senator John Rafferty (R-44).

Look for me...I'm the tall guy who looks half-nuts.

Even if you don't consider yourself Irish, remember this: Everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day!!!!!

Slainte Mhath!

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