Monday, February 23, 2009

Change We Can "Be After"...

Huh? Change we can "be after"? What does that mean?

-named sources report that President Barack Obama has been issued a copyright for the word "Hope".

Mr. Obama was so enthralled with the word during his campaign last year, that he decided to go the route of KISS co-founder and bassist, Gene Simmons and copyright the use of the word. (Simmons currently holds the copyright on the word "axe" pertaining to it's use as a synonym for the word "guitar")

From here on, for the next 80 years, whenever the word "hope" is used in print, you owe Obama a royalty. He has also copyrighted the following representations of the word "hope":

"h_pe", ho_e", "h*pe", etc.

Mr. Obama will receive $0.05 for each use of the word "hope" in print and in an unprecedented grant by the U.S. Copyright Office, he'll receive $.025 for each verbal use of the word.

What does this mean? Well, when your brother goes fishing and you ask him if if conditions are good, and he answers "I sure hope so", he owes Barack two and a half cents. When your mother is sick and you send her a card that says "I hope you feel better soon", BANG!...Barack gets a nickel.

Obama has several more copyrights pending for synonyms of the word "hope", which include :

rust, desire, wish, want, go for, plan and be after

Obama had shown a desire to copyright other, inflammatory words that rhyme with "hope", like "nope", "dope", "pope" and "mope", arguing that if the Republicans used the words against him in a campaign message, he could have the last laugh by making them pay him a nickel for each usage, making him a multi-millionaire.

Obama was counseled by staff and supporters in Congress not to, as he will most likely not have to run again for president, as they plan to install him as emperor of the realm and abolish suffrage in the United States before his first term expires.

Looks like the only "change" this presidency will generate starts with the $0.60 cents I owe him by writing this article. The check is in the mail, Mr. President...I hope you're satisfied...Damn, another nickel!


this article is purely satirical in nature and is meant for entertainment purposes only.

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