Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weight Loss, Week 5

This begins my fifth week of my weight loss plan. I've gained a half pound this week.

My net loss since embarking on this program on January 5th is 7 lbs. My net loss since January 1st, when my scale read "OL" (over limit) is approximately 13 lbs. I was 299 lbs Christmas week.

Am I disappointed in the half pound weight gain? No. I had a weekend that was not conducive to dieting and/or calorie counting. I drank a lot of OPB (other peoples beer), also, adding to the mix. I'm quite surprised, in fact, that the weight gain wasn't more.

I've since gotten back "on the program" of portion control, save for a lunch at Cracker Barrel yesterday...but I did have three vegetables with my chicken fried steak.

As for exercise? We've been fostering a dog for a friend and I've been walking about a quarter mile every day, which may not seem like much, but with my bad knee, is more than enough to get me sweating. I think the walking is the reason I haven't gained more than that half pound this week.

Week 5 begins with my birthday tomorrow. I've already chosen my "dinner" and will be having a steak, baked potato with sour cream and a salad. I'd like French onion soup as an "appetizer", but may have to pass on the cheese and bread.

After my birthday feast, it's down to the business of knocking off a pound or two this week. Wish me luck.

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Lisa said...

First of all, as you said to me, it's the NET weight loss that matters--after losing that 6 pounds from being sick, it's actually quite an accomplishment that you kept 5 1/2 off, since usually that kind of weight loss is only water weight, which can be oh-so-fickle.

Second of all, let me be the first to wish my fellow Aquarian a happy birthday! Enjoy you day tomorrow!

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