Thursday, February 12, 2009

Montgomery County Controller: S.N.A.F.U.

And I mean A.F.U.!

Here's the thing-Montco Controller, Diane Morgan, has really let her office go to hell in just over a year.

The 1099 forms sent out by the controller's office for over 1620 individuals are wrong. Yes, wrong.

Here's what happened...the new software (such as "we dems know better than you what works") used to generate the 1099 forms has a major snag in it:

For example, a county assistant district attorney might receive a fee as an independent contractor when she or he sits on a three-member arbitration panel to handle a civil case. That assistant district attorney may be reimbursed for expenses to travel to a preliminary hearing as part of his or her job as a prosecutor.

The accounts payable software used by the county lumps all of those fees and reimbursements together and that sum is reflected on the 1099 forms, according to Morgan.

Also, a 1099 form, filed with the IRS, lists taxable income from which no deductions have been made.

My questions for Ms. Morgan are: How much is going to cost the Montgomery County taxpayers? And, isn't the boss ultimately to blame when a trusted second screws up? Lastly, What about those employees who already filed their taxes...if they paid someone to do their taxes, is the controller's office responsible for paying to have them re-done? I'll bet the answer to all of these questions is "no comment".

Since last year, Morgan has been going all out to try to screw with Republicans in the courthouse and in One Montgomery, and all the while, "Rome" was burning. Maybe Diane Morgan needs to get her own house in order before she starts sticking her nose under other people's tents.

Even Eric Kretschman never screwed up this bad, IMHO!

Read the entire Intelligencer article here.

H/T to SPR for the heads-up

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