Friday, June 4, 2010

Bob Kerns Re-Elected to 4 Year Term as MCRC Chair, Unanimously!

Last evening Bob Kerns was re-elected to a four year term as chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Committee. He was re-elected unanimously, the first Chairman to be elected unanimously consecutively in 12 years.

This is important for a couple of reasons: First, Kerns inherited a party that was in the midst of half a decade of turmoil and bedlam and few people thought he'd be successful in bringing the party together or winning elections. He did both. Second, it exposes yet another Jim Matthews lie.

After he was censured unanimously by the party's executive committee in November 2008, Jimbo told the press and took to the airwaves on Michael Smerconish's show telling them that Kerns only got the censure through because members of leadership were afraid to vote against it for fear their votes would cost support for their favored Judge candidates. Of course, after Judges were endorsed and elected the censure is still as popular and in force as ever before...but hey, I give the guy credit for creative spin.

But the second part of his explanation was that Jimbo and his supporters "let Bob Kerns become chairman. We gave him the job because no one wanted it. He's a two year chairman". Not only was KJIII being disingenuous, because he actually DID run someone aganist Kerns...Jim Vlahos from Lower Pottsgrove, who had to withdrawal from the race because he had no support in 2008. Now Kerns has just been reelected unanimously to a four year term.

My guess would be that Jimbo called each and every committeeperson in Montgomery County and pledged support for Bob Kerns, "allowing" him to be chairman once again...I also have some swamp land in the Jersey pine barrens that I'd like to sell you...

How can you tell something is untrue? Usually because Jim Matthews is the source.

Eighteen more months 'til he's gone for good. Enjoy, Jimbo, enjoy!

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