Tuesday, February 10, 2009

...And, Running (Again)...

Two names pop up in the county judicial races on the democrat side of the ticket...names we all may recognize for no other reason than the fact they run for everything lately.

None other than Anne Thornberg Weiss (our county Clerk of Courts) and two-time loser of the 6th Congressional seat (to Jim Gerlach), Lois "the Carpetbagger" Murphy.

Murphy's last assignment/job was on the Governor's Action Team, a sort of lobbying group that helps companies expand and grow in PA (after, I'm sure, a hefty donation to the democratic party).

As for Thornberg Weiss, she should have never run for row office if she'd known she was going to run for judge. Your humble blogger wonders if she only ran to raise her name recognition (which, in turn, would help raise money or the party)? No, that wouldn't be ethical.

Anyway, the only other notable on the democrat side is former Ken Davis supporter and Republican Party apostate Cheryl Lynn Austin. Austin defected from the party in the great debacle called the "Registration Shift"...the largest shift in registration in Montgomery County history, all while under the dutiful watch of failed party chairman Ken Davis.

What really boggles the mind, is that the website of former MCRC director Adam Gattuso and his assistant, Matt McLaughlin's consulting group, GOP for PA, still had Austin listed as a Republican as of January 7th of this year (see cached page-click here).

So, there you have it...three notable democrats running for judge in Montgomery County this year. From what I see, we need to run 7 notable Republicans to beat them, if only on name recognition alone.

With the number of candidates in the race at the present time, the outcome of our endorsement may have the greatest impact on Montgomery County than any time in past history. It's up to the committee people of the MCRC to speak up to their leaders and urge them to choose the best and brightest when they meet to make their recommendations to party chairman, Bob Kerns. The will of the committe is of the utmost importance now, more than ever..

Lets hope they choose well. Let's hope they choose wisely. Let's hope they choose based on what we, the committee decide. If not, then the next choice will be ours...to choose new leadership within our committees.


Anonymous said...

Lois Murphy couldn't judge her way out of a paper bag. UGH. Thanks for the tip - hate her - she's whiney and nasty.

And speaking of Darth Vader, err Ken Davis, have you heard Mr. Man Purse is now a "consultant" of some kind w/ St. Joe's U? Something to do with the issues in LM with their new property? And then there is his involvement with the trails and can it be said the King of Eminent Domain just needs to go away?

Anonymous said...

get ready for another tsunami for the democratic endorsed slate for county judges. This county is now democratic, republicans crying for their judical candidates won't help. As the registration edge keeps getting bigger and bigger for the democrats, I don't see the republican party in this county will be able to stop this tsunami.

Bill Shaw said...

You forget that you had the "tsunami" of Barack Obama last time...this time, you have nobody.

we'll see...

Anonymous said...

Thought you might enjoy this...feel free to use images...you were inspiration.


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