MATTHEWS: Blowhard Scrooge
MSNBC's Chris Matthews would have you believe that he is a regular guy from a modest background who hasn't lost touch with his roots.

Unfortunately, Matthews continues to demonstrate that he is an elitist snob and insufferably pompous egomaniac.

The National Enquirer's Mike Walker has the story:

"It's beginning to look a lot like Chris Matthews is a bully - MSNBC's attack-host even picks on kids! Matthews and wife Kathleen bought a Christmas tree at Blessed Sacrament Church near their Chevy Chase, Md., home, a teen volunteer cheerfully loaded it in their car - but they had no cash. No problem, said Matthews, he'd just take the tree and pay later. "I'm sorry," said the lad, "but I can't let you leave with it." Making his trademark TV piggy-face, Matthews screamed:

"You don't understand what's going on here.

The kid offered to unload the tree and hold it - but Matthews balked! Incredibly, he told Wifey to walk home and get moolah, then barked at the kid: "See what you made her do? You made her walk two blocks each way!" So while Matthews sat cozy in a warm car, his wife braved cold, dark streets. When she returned, Matthews paid up - but left NO tip!

NOTE TO BULLY-BOY: That kid you Scrooge-d attends a school for youngsters with learning disabilities, and actually told people he's worried he offended you. Here's YOUR tip jerk: Since you're scheming to run for the Senate, don't browbeat Church charity workers, or kids.... It's a vote-killer!"