Friday, October 31, 2008

A Very Strong Case For McCain

From a blog called "the Ornery American" I found several points..."lightbulb moment" points, that pretty much sum up why everybody should vote for John McCain:

McCain's America

McCain has helped pay the cost of freedom with suffering and the loss of years of his life. In his America, a Republican in Congress doesn't have to vote with his party -- he can vote his conscience or compromise with opponents to reach a better result.

In McCain's America, you can get mad sometimes. You can innocently talk and joke without looking over your shoulder for fear someone will take it wrong and get you fired.

In McCain's America, you can join the military with confidence that if you are called upon to risk your life, it will be in a good cause, and your commander-in-chief will do his best to make sure your sacrifice is not wasted.

In McCain's America, you get to keep most of your money, even if by some fluke you happen to earn a lot of it.

In McCain's America, you can expect the courts to uphold the law. You can expect that your kids will not be propagandized to despise or ignore your family's religious beliefs.

In McCain's America, you can have confidence that you know the guy in the Oval Office, and he actually pays attention to what you believe in and care about.

The article,"
What Really Matters As We Vote"
is a very well written, concise look into the candidates and why McCain is such a better pick overall.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Margaret Gibbons Doesn't Miss a Beat... her new post at the Doylestown Intelligencer!

Gibbons, ever the snarky reporter, has once again "zinged" Jim "King James the Turd" Matthews, whom she says is "losing it" more and more every day. From Gibbons' column:

*Republican Montgomery County Commissioner Chairman James R. Matthews is beginning to show some cracks from the strain under which he has been operating since he entered that unprecedented power-sharing pact with Democratic Commissioner Joseph M. Hoeffel III.

Matthews had convinced himself that the controversy would die down in January and that he eventually would be lauded for his so-called “statesmanship” in fashioning a bipartisan government.

That has not happened.

The criticism from those within his own party has been relentless. And Republican Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr., the top vote-getter in last November's commissioners' election but the odd man out in this administration, never misses an opportunity to yank Matthews' chain.

In the past, Matthews has simply sloughed off Castor's comments or lectured him about his acting in a political fashion rather than as an elected government official who represents everyone.

However, now Matthews is verbally flinching even before Castor opens his mouth.

Matthews went off on Castor at a recent agenda meeting when Castor simply questioned something on the agenda.

Come on, Jim, get a grip.

Heh! Jimbo thought he was getting a "bye" with Keith Phucas taking over the spot formerly occupied by the queen of rancor, but, true to form, "Peggy" reaches across county lines to once again twist the knife, if only just to watch King James squirm.


And here is the rest of it.

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I'd like to be Joe The Plumber...

...if I'd get to do this!

HT to Warren for the Thursday nite funny!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phillies Win World Series, and I Got To See It!

As I drove into work tonight, I was kind of bummed that I would miss the end of the game (the TV version, that is). I listened in the car, hoping to hear Harry Kalas call the third strike and just sing ” The Phillies Have Won The World Series!!!!!”.

As I pulled into the parking lot, the Phillies were on the mound having a conference with Lidge…I thought “crap, I have to get in the shop before I’m late”. I thought I’d miss the last out, unless I could get into work quickly and fire up the ol’ Sony Diskman (with AM/FM radio…how “’90’s”, huh?).

Well, much to my surprise, I walk into my work area and they have a 12″ color TV set up (with rabbit ears, nonetheless) and I was standing there, with my coat on, when Lidge threw the most important pitch of his life and “struck ‘em out!”.

I’m taking Scraps out of school (hopefully, Friday) for the parade…he may never get to see this again in his lifetime, and I want him to experience what I wasn’t able to when they won back in 1980…a Championship Parade!


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Durante, Ferman & Other Top Montco Law Enforcement Officials on "Hit List"

Montco probes 50-plus hit list

By Margaret Gibbons
The Intelligencer

Montgomery County detectives are investigating a threatening letter containing a 50-plus person hit list that was received by the CIA from a man serving probation for a Hatfield Township car theft.

“I did not take this as a direct threat, but I think it is something that the courts should be made aware of and deal with in the appropriate manner,” said county District Attorney Risa Ferman. “Someone who writes something like this clearly has mental health issues that have not been addressed.”

Ferman, who was notified this week of the letter, was among those on the so-called hit list as was county Sheriff John P. Durante along with Barack Obama, John McCain, former Gov. Tom Ridge, U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton and Gov. Ed Rendell.

Some of those on the list were named, such as a Montgomery County judge, while others were referred to by titles such as the prison warden, chief probation officer and “all chief top cops in Montgomery County,” according to Ferman, adding that detectives had contacted everyone listed.

Ferman declined to release the specifics of the letter. Instead, she described the letter's contents as primarily “ramblings” and “gibberish.”

The letter was sent to the CIA by 34-year-old Joshua Martinez, who has various addresses in the region, according to Ferman.

Ferman said a CIA official told her “Martinez writes them a lot.”

Hatfield police arrested Martinez for a car theft in January 2007. He pleaded guilty in November 2007 and received a probationary sentence, said Ferman.

Martinez is currently in prison in Bucks County awaiting a competency evaluation, according to Ferman. She said she did not know why Bucks County had him in custody.

Montgomery County has lodged a detainer against him for a probation violation and he will be returned to Montgomery County after his Bucks County matter is resolved, she said.

It is in preparation for the probation violation hearing that county detectives are investigating the letter and Martinez' dealings with the law.

“I don't think there is any immediate danger but I think it is important to bring mental health issues to the attention of the judge before they turn serious and cause harm,” said Ferman. Read Full Text/Comments

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dear Friends,

You may have noticed a gap of three days between posts. Unfortunately, I've had another health "episode".

I was napping after dinner on Saturday evening and when I awoke, I started having chest pain, accompanied by a pain in my left arm.

I went to the emergency room, was treated for symptoms of a heart attack, and subsequently hospitalized overnight for observation.

They found nothing in my blood enzymes, nothing abnormal on my EKG, so they sent me home late Sunday afternoon.

I'm not procrastinating on matters of my health any further than I already have been. I'm scheduled for a nuclear stress test and will know something in a few days.

Don't feel sorry for me...I've not been proactive about my health for a few years and am now "paying the piper".

This has been a wake-up call, whatever the results of my test show. Rest assured, my health will come first from now on. I have children and a wife that depend on my being here and I'm not going to let them down because of my laissez-faire attitude towards my health, weight, etc.

I'm setting a goal to lose 50 lbs in 6 months and want to lose a total of 70 overall (trust me, I am that overweight). I will have to lose an average of about 2.5 lbs a week to make that goal. I'm sure I can do it, as nothing motivates a person more than a heart attack!

My reward will be better health, and will (finally) treat myself to that tattoo I've been procrastinating in getting for 26 years, but only if I make my goal.

Wish me luck.


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Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is the Only Type of Gun Control I Agree With

...the ability to hit your target!

H/T to the "Boss-Lady", "Warren" and "Black Horse" for sending me this video

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Just for "Shiggles"

H/T to Warren for this one!

I think this guy lives down the street from me:

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Guest Post By My Dad

My dad sent me an email last night and I've decided to make a post out of it.

Dad taught me, from the time I was but a wee lad, respect for firearms and the love of hunting, both of which I am proud to pass on to my sons.

Dad and I both are "bitter clingers" and are quite proud of it. Dad is really concerned that an Obama presidency will spell the end of firearms ownership as we know it.

Here's Dad's letter and a few links to show you what the Übermessiah really thinks of your 2nd amendment rights:

Hi Bill... I tried to send a response to your blog, but it wouldn't go. Anyone who is a gun owner, or belongs to the NRA should read or be made aware of the article "election report" in Novembers edition of "American Rifleman".

If you have any doubt about Obama's stand on gun laws or ownership, this should clear things up. The bottom line, if you are ready to surrender your guns, or ready to pay exorbitant taxes on guns or ammunition, then by all means, VOTE FOR OBAMA! Otherwise, vote for the man who will insure that your 2nd amendment rights are upheld.

After reading the election report, I couldn't believe what Obama had voted for–500% tax on ammunition, almost the same on guns, trying to out-price the average American from owning a gun or buying ammo. I'm not too keen on McCain or Obama, but I am a sportsman and a hunter for many years and I do not want my rights and privileges taken away by someone I'm not sure is not a Muslim like Obama. I'm not democrat or Republican, I'm an AMERICAN! I value my constitutional this for me if you will?

Well, there you have it...I've been hunting with this guy for over 32 years, shooting with him a few years longer than that and he's never once steered me wrong on gun issues...ever.

Here's a few more tidbits of logic for your perusal:

And lastly:

If you value your gun rights and support the 2nd amendment, I offer this: an Obama presidency will change the face of gun ownership in this country. It won't be pretty. We need to really come together on November 4th and say:

nObama, No Way, No How!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Extreme Sadness

The Plymouth Township Police Department lost an officer today after being called in as back-up for a Lower Gwynedd bank robbery.

K9 officer, Louis Layfield, lost his canine partner, Andy, in a shootout at a Lower Gwynedd branch of Abington Bank. Officer Layfield was also hit in the vest and is reported to be ok.

Please keep Officer Layfield and Andy in your prayers tonight.


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"O", How Poignant the Past Becomes

From that socialist propaganda Public Television show, Sesame Street, circa 1971. The dude in the hat is obviously an ACORN operative!


" buy the "O" and take it home tonight (don't ask any questions)..."

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Laura Ingraham's "E-Blast"

Just received this in my in-box:

Laura's E-Blast
October 21, 2008

NEW RULE: Whenever someone criticizes Sarah Palin for her supposed unfitness for the job -- or, in Peggy Noonan's words, her lack of a "philosophical grounding" -- they must follow up with an explanation of how Joe Biden is somehow better. Yesterday Biden said Obama's lack of experience gaurantees America will face a renewed threat from our enemies "within the first six months of our presidency." This, of course, is only the latest; he seems to be averaging about one gaffe/day. While Sarah Palin offered a less-than-brilliant response to Couric's question about her reading materials, at least she isn't batting 0-for-every-major-issue-over-the-last-30-years.

PREDICTION: As Obama heads to Hawaii to be with his ailing grandma, expect to see any and all McCain criticisms of Obama's policies objected to as poorly timed and in bad taste. But the media doesn't really care about good taste, and McCain doesn't need to continue tying one arm behind his back. He needs to keep making the case that he's the safer pick for America. Unless he's criticizing the Obama grandma herself, he's acting perfectly appropriately.

THE "OBAMA RULES": According to That One, noting that his tax policies are based on socialist tenets is below the belt and utterly inappropriate. Meanwhile, it's apparently totally acceptable for Rep. John Lewis to call McCain and his supporters George Wallace-styled segregationists, for the New York Times to slime Cindy McCain as a pill-popping junky, and for his friend John Kerry to make jokes about Sen. McCain wearing adult diapers. Thou shalt not worship false idols and all.

STIMULUS STUPIDITY: Pelosi & Co., are now planning another round of "stimulus," this time rumored to be as high as $300 billion. And why not? Last June's $152 billion stimulus package worked so well! What's another $300 billion? Are we even monitoring the federal deficit anymore? Why not just print an infinite amount of money until everyone has $1 million? Who cares if we have Zimbabwe-style inflation. Even President Bush and Ben Bernanke say another round of stimulus is worth considering!

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Montco Sales Tax Increase Off the Table

From Margaret Gibbons at the Times Herald:

COURTHOUSE - Montgomery County officials appear to have little political stomach for the enactment, or even a discussion, of a county sales tax.

County Commissioners' Chairman James R. Matthews and Commissioner Joseph M. Hoeffel III held the issue at arm's length, stating that a proposal for a sales tax has not yet reached their level.

Instead, they said, it is only one of the options that the county planning commission is studying as a method of bankrolling a transportation funding program for local roadways and bridges.

However, much to Matthews' chagrin, Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr. left no doubt on where he stands.

"I will not support a sales tax," said Castor.

Matthews called Castor's comment "gratuitous."
Leave it to King James to once again resort to heaving insults at Republican Commissioner Bruce L. Castor, Jr., especially when he is at a loss to defend his own shaky position. I guess James Rex III doesn't think that Mr. Castor is allowed to voice an opinion? Feh! King James is a lot like Barack Obama in that sense...if they speak out against him, he uses his position to make your life miserable.

News Flash, El rey Diego la Mierda...It ain't working. And "gratuitous"? isn't that kind of like how your lips are always firmly planted on Joe Hoeffel's behind like some low-level sycophant? It's quite unbecoming, Jimbo.

Anyway, read the rest of the article, click the link below:

The issue of levying a one-cent county sales tax was first raised at a transportation summit held earlier this month by the county. Some 260 county decision-makers, including municipal, school and business leaders, attended the morning-long session in which the discussion centered on whether the county should develop a transportation program to fund local projects designed to relieve traffic congestion or at least to keep it from worsening.

The answer to that question was an overwhelming "yes," but then the discussion shifted to how the county should fund such a program.

Until the summit, county officials had focused on funding the program through a bond borrowing. However, several summit participants suggested that the county implement a county sales tax.

The county planning commission, which at the request of the county commissioners is looking into the need and support for a transportation program, subsequently decided to explore the option of a sales tax as an alternative to a bond borrowing if the county decides to move forward with the program.

Residents and businesspersons, responding to news accounts that the planning commission was researching a sales tax option, deluged county officials with phone calls, letters and e-mails to express opposition to a county sales tax.

County Transportation Planning Chief Leo Bagley told the commissioners he did not believe there was much support on the planning commission for a sales tax but, because it was suggested at the summit and was not previously considered, it had to be addressed.

The planning commission and staff will be working on their recommendations to the commissioners over the next month and should present the commissioners with their finalized recommendations in December.

Among the issues those recommendations will address: Whether a transportation funding program should be created; how much county funding there should be for such a program; how the county will pay for the program; and what types of projects should be included in it.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Joe Biden teaches the crowd the new "salute"
to the "messiah-in-chief".

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Morons Attempt to Block Palin Motorcade

Straight from the 'cooler (HT to Alex!):

Asshats try to block Palin motorcade in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Get face full of asphalt instead.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

I Honor The Woman Who Gave Me Life

On this, the 37th anniversary of her 29th birthday.

What I am today is a direct result of what you and Dad "were" while I was growing up.

The successes in my life I owe to the pride and hard work that was instilled in us, by you and Dad in our home, and I thank you (but not often enough).

(And, I would have never known the proper way to sing the "Boa Constrictor" song, if you weren't my mom!)

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

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Sarah Palin On SNL

Sarah Palin yuks it up on Saturday Night Live...."You Betcha"!

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Sightings: XVII

King James the Turd was spotted at a Lower Moreland fundraiser on Sunday evening.

The event was not well attended and my operatives suggested it was because the talk was that King James was stopping by.

Even fundraisers are starting to fall victim to "the Matthews Effect". *Heh!*

Some pics of El Rey Diego La Mierda, courtesy of Yuna Hoo and Soma Badhe:

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King James Strikes Again

King James the Turd once again sided with democratic commissioner, Joe Hoeffel on the appointment of a democratic party political activist (and former Colonial dems area leader) Nancy Mortimer O'Brien to the Commission on Women and Families.

From the Times Herald:

"Matthews, a Republican chided by Castor for voting in lockstep with Hoeffel, said he made a "partisan" decision in voting for the appointment.

He said he was only following the policy of prior GOP administrations to give Democrats one-third of the appointments.

"I don't feel it is the smartest thing for a Republican to do to make someone a martyr which my contrary vote would have done today with Ms. O'Brien," said Matthews.
James Rex III decided that it would be in the "Republican party's best interests" not to make a martyr of O'Brien by not appointing her? I'm glad to see that Jimbo is finally looking out for the party and not for himself (*feigned joy*).

Republican Commissioner, Bruce L. Castor, Jr. brought up that O'Brien's husband was in the employ of controller Diane Morgan and that he thinks "that is enough of the county's largesse for this family". Morgan defended her hiring of O'Brien, a retired certified public accountant who in the past was an unsuccessful candidate for county treasurer (another unsuccessful democrat for row office given a patronage job in the controller's office, ala Kelbin Carolina)

Just another day for the democrats, courtesy of King James the Turd. He should be ashamed every time he shows his traitorous face at a Republican function.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Worth Repeating...

...From now until election day:

"Joe" the Plumber to Obama: "Your new tax plan is going to tax me more. Isn't it?"

Obama: "It's not that I want to punish your success, I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success too. I think that when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody.
We finally have proof that he's a dyed in the wool Marxist and socialist. Comrade Karl would be so proud!


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You Just Have To Read This To Believe It!

I couldn't give it any more justice than the author, but suffice it to say, it's pretty sad when ACORN has to register a 6, 3 and 1 year old just to get the Übermessiah elected.

Click here to read the article (warning, strong language not normally seen on my blog).

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A Very Good Thing

My eldest sibling, my sister Karen, got married yesterday.

Karen has been a single mom for quite a few years. She devoted most of her adult life to raising her only son, Andrew.

Andrew did double duty yesterday, as he gave my sister away and stood for her as "man-of-honor". John's son, Jimmy, stood for his dad as best man.

The wedding was performed by Reverend Reinhart Kruse, the very pastor who married my sister when she and Andrew's dad tied the knot over 21 years go. He had recently retired from the church my sister went to for many years, and Karen was thrilled to death when she found him and he agreed to marry her and John.

Anyway, I'm thrilled that my sister found the perfect guy for her after all of the years devoted solely to her other guy, my nephew.

She was radiantly beautiful, John looked dashing and the wedding was very nice. That she was married on my maternal grandmother's birthday (she passed away a few years ago) was cool, also.

John is a really nice guy, very family-oriented, and loves my sister dearly. He also comes with a grandchild, which made my sister a grandmom the minute Rev. Kruse pronounced them husband and wife.

My wish for her? Exactly what I wrote on her picture frame matte...."Stay Together, Love Billy, Karen, Ryan, Jesse and Angelia".

Here are some pics:

Karen and John exchanging vows

Andrew, the "Man of Honor"looking pretty
holding mommy's flowers.

He's a great son to his mom...we're so proud of him.
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Real Übermessiah, a Photo Array

Just a few pics to remind you of what we're in for if Barry Hussein gets elected on November 4th:

Flags left over from the DNC...discarded as trash by the leftist lib-tards

William Ayers (standing proudly on our flag)

Barry in his traditional muslim garb

As in Barry's white granny.

*douche chills*

"G-d Damn America" (?) I think not, you racist POS

Hello? Hello? is this thing working? H-E-L-L-O??????

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King James the Turd Strikes Again

I'm now convinced that either James Rex is really a democrat, or, that Hoeffel has photos of El Rey Diego in a more than "compromising" position. Or, is it both?:

(photoshopped to depict an event that never happened)

Today, the non-Republican commissioners voted to allow political swag inside the polling place. What does that mean?

It means, if people want to, they can go into a polling place and not cover up shirts, buttons, pins...but it also means that posters and signs are not entirely off limits inside the poll, foregoing the former "buffer zone" which was the norm in Montgomery County for as long as I've lived here.

Republican Commissioner Bruce Castor stuck to his guns and voted against the measure.

I applaud Commissioner Castor for his patience...I'd have throttled the guy by now.

Gratuitous photo of Commissioner Castor and your Humble Blogger

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Just Click The Link

It's worth the look...and, you will not get "RickRolled"!

Click here

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sightings: XVI

King james the Turd was sighted at the Tom Ellis Fundraiser at Wings Field this evening. I'm sure Ellis didn't actually invite the Turd, as he is fully aware of the "Matthews Effect" (which explains why Tom is no longer a Republican Commissioner in Montgomery County).

His entrance was noticed and reported to me by more than one person in attendance. He conveniently arrived after the departure of Republican County Commissioner, Bruce L. Castor, Jr.
Sources tell us a James Rex III loyalist called and told "El Rey Diego La Mierda" the coast was clear, and he drifted, ghostlike, into the event (almost like he was sitting in the parking lot, waiting for the call).

The Turd was warmly greeted by Bob Asher, State Committeewoman Pam Levy, and developer Bruce Goodman.

It was noted that King James (allegedly) made no contribution to Ellis' campaign, as he showed up after the check in table was closed.

The photo's are blurry, which I'm sure is how Jimbo see's most things, more often than not, anymore.
He's more than blurred the line between conservative Republicanism and radical leftism.

HT to "what's his name" and "you know who" for the pics!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Whitemarsh Supervisor Sticks Nose in Other's Business

Whitemarsh Township Supervisors have their hands full with the business of governance in our township. But one of them feels she is important enough to go nosing around in the business of our neighboring township.

Was it a project that would negatively impact Whitemarsh? No. Was it a joint effort to make our township(s) a better place to live? No, again. Was it a traffic calming effort to lessen the impact on Whitemarsh businesses on Germantown Pike? Hell, no.

What may you ask, then, was so important to pull a democrat Whitemarsh Township supervisor all the way to the other side of Plymouth Township to speak/comment at one of their council meetings?

The issue of Obama being denied from speaking at the Plymouth Community Center, that's what.

Despite the democrats putting their best efforts into generating turnout for last evening's Council meeting to complain about this issue–including emails from their Chairman, announcements on their website, and even lit drops in several Plymouth neighborhoods–their turnout was abysmal. They literally had to reach outside the township to find someone to make their argument.

Whitemarsh Supervisors Chairman Leslie Richards (d) spoke about Plymouth's so-called "missed opportunity" and then proceeded to compare the situation to a McCain event held in Whitemarsh earlier this year (August 6, 2008). It was a small, private event held at a business (National Label Company, on Joshua Road) that only a few people attended. (Colonial Article here)

Several Plymouth Township residents spoke in support of Council's decision based on public safety, logistics, and the negative impacts that such a large event and large crowd would have on community center users and residential neighbors along Jolly Road, as well as the appropriateness of having any political events at the center.

Aside from Ms. Richards, only one of the democrats supporters rose to speak.

Ms. Richards needs to keep her nose under her own tent. With the partisan politics going on in Whitemarsh Township, sticking one's nose into other township's affairs leads one to believe that Ms. Richards thinks a bit too highly of herself.

Get off your pedestal, Leslie...being a legend in your own mind is not a positive personality characteristic. לפני-שבר גאון, ולפני כשלון גבה רוח, or, for those of us who don't read Hebrew, "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall", (Proverbs 16:18).

HT to JCS for being there.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

State Treasurer Candidate McCord Takes Illegal Corporate Donations

Apparently, Rob McCord (the candidate opposing Montgomery County's Favorite son, Tom Ellis) has been taking illegal corporate donations to the tune of over $35,000.

“I call on Rob McCord to explain why these hotels have broken the law to support him,” said Ellis, “$35,000 may not seem like a lot to Wall Street Rob McCord, but it certainly is a lot of money to Main Street Pennsylvanians.”
Check out what Alex has to say at the PAWaterCooler.

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King James III Stifles Efforts to Properly Staff D.A.'s Office

It looks pretty bad when you hold up the fine work the Montgomery County District Attorney's office does. But then again, King James the Turd has been making an ass of himself mucking up the works since January 7th of this year.

District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman requested that she be able to fill a position recently left vacant by the resignation of one of her two discovery clerks.

King James (not so politely) told Mrs. Ferman to pound sand:
"We are at a critical point right now with our dollars," bloviated James-Rex III
The Turd also said the county:
"[...]will have to make an unanticipated $10 million contribution to the county pension plan as a result of Wall Streets' problems."
Matthews suggested that Ferman "[...]cross-train some of the other 40 clerks on her payroll to pitch in and perform the duties of a discovery clerk". Pretty easy for him to say, with the commissioner's office being a veritable "job services program" for unemployable friends of His Turdliness and Joe Hoeffel. Just ask the county solicitor. He just may be clueless enough to tell you the truth.

[For the record...Republican Commissioner Bruce L. Castor, Jr. has made only one hire since being elected commissioner. His (and they all get one) personal secretary.]

Anyway, if for one minute you think that "El Rey Diego" knows how to save the county's dollars, just ask him what became of the $90 million+ dollar surplus that former Republican Commissioner Tom Ellis left the county with when he left office on January 7th...Then demand that one of *his* flunkies cross-train to help out in Ferman's office. Maybe then he'd be inclined to approve the hire (not a new hire, mind you, but a replacement hire) of a new clerk in the D.A.'s office.

Gratuitous photo of myself and District Attorney, Risa Vetri Ferman

Information for this post pulled from Margaret Gibbons' Recorder Article, "DA, county commissioners locked in staffing dispute"

And here is the rest of it. Read Full Text/Comments

Proof Of Obama's Socialist/Marxist "Upbringing"

The photo below was taken in 1996 after a democratic victory in Illinois.

The übermessiah himself ( the far right), being identified as a member of the Chicago New Party (a socialist/Marxist faction who run as democrats)

The Gateway pundit has the full story here. Click on the photo below to enlarge it.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Governer Palin @ The Flyer's Game!

I attended tonight's Flyer's game with a great friend...he knows what a fan of Sarah Palin I am, and I thank him for giving me what just may be the only time I get to see her "in person".

Here's a video and some pics of her dropping the puck (taken with my digital camera...high zoom and low light = very grainy)

Governor Palin and her family stayed to watch the entire hockey game. Classy, to say the least. (notice little Trig in her arms!)

And here is the rest of it. Read Full Text/Comments

Friday, October 10, 2008

A "Vested" Interest

By: MARGARET GIBBONS, Times Herald Staff

COURTHOUSE - The old bulletproof vests worn by Montgomery County (Sheriff's) deputies have a second life when they are replaced with new vests.

And that so-called second life also has the potential to save lives.

County Sheriff John P. Durante said he donates the old protective vests to the military.

They are primarily used as added protection under seats on military planes flying in war zones, according to Durante.

Durante explained that the vests have about a three-year shelf life when worn by the deputies; the department then replaces them.

Initially, he said, he had to pay for disposal of the old vests.

"I can't exactly throw them in the trash and have the bad guys getting them," he explained.

In discussing the situation with others in the law enforcement community following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the call up of the military for engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq, Durante said he subsequently learned the military could make use of them.

"It was a no-brainer," the sheriff said.

Durante's comments came during Tuesday's review by the county commissioners of his proposed 2009 budget.

Included in the proposed $5.26-million budget is an allocation of $17,000 for new protective vests.

Durante said that about one-third of his deputies get new vests on a rotating three-year schedule.

New-hires also get new vests rather than hand-me-downs because the vests are fitted to each deputy.

Each vest costs about $600 but the department receives reimbursement for about half of that cost, according to Durante.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sightings: XV

King James the Turd was sighted out and about on Tuesday at a fundraiser.

He was spotted standing off by himself for most of the night, as if people were afraid to even go near him. I wonder why?

Just ask the judge's "The Matthews Effect"...and it's real enough to matter.

Poor Jimbo...I'll bet even Joe Hoeffel laughs at you behind your back!

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Sign Wars...I Win!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tommy Freekin' Lasorda, Part II

Video taken (from the opposite angle) while I snapped photographs.

HT to Elizabeth's uncle for the video

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21st Birthday Wishes to A Friend

Happy 21st Birthday, Little Miss Republican:

Hippo birdy two ewes

Hippo birdy two ewes

Hippo birdy deer ewes

Hippo birdy two ewes

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Obama Countdown