Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snarlin' like Jimbo

Tonight is Lower Merion's Lincoln Day Dinner. It could be a nice event, save for two things.

Jimturd will undoubtedly be there and they will (once again) laud Snarlin' Arlen for the great job (?) he's doing in Washington D.C.

If voting for the largest indebtedness ever laid on the shoulders of the American taxpayer is worth lauding by the Republican (?) party of Lower Merion and Narberth, then I will be staying away this year. I went for the first time last year and rather enjoyed myself. But this year? Feh! (I'll throw in a "Meh!" for good measure.

Just to show how far to the left El Rey Jaime la Mierda de Tercera has gone, one just has to look at his ad for LMNRC Lincoln Day Dinner to see where his head is:

Respect to Specter for voting to raise your grandchildren and great grandchildren's taxes? (as long as it means stimulus money for Jimbo's BFF, Joe Hoeffel to divvy up under the DVRPC!)

Oy, Vey!

And here is the rest of it.

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