Monday, February 16, 2009

Off To College...

...To take some non-credit courses.

This may be the beginning of me getting back on track to earn a degree.

When and if I do, I'll add it to my bucket list then cross it off.

I've gone back before and had to quit when a scheduling conflict arose with work. Since I've not been able to find a job in my chosen field, I may have to do what I had to over ten years ago and re-invent the wheel.

Of course, I'll try to do as much of it online as I can. Montco Community College offers a combination package for the degree I'd like to earn, so I'll try to take advantage of it.

Oh, the course I'm taking today and tomorrow? Web design and development. Just another skill to pad my resume with for potential employers. In a few weeks, I'll be back to learn basic graphic animation for the web.

Well, coffee's ready...class starts at 9 o'clock...I'll be back online later to fill you in on what's-what.

Enjoy your day off, County employees, the rest of you, at least traffic won't be too bad today.


1 comment:

page13 said...

Stick with it Bill. I know how tough a school/work/family balancing act can be.

Good luck.

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