Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Am I Making Too Much Of This?

On a personal note...I've owned a snow blower since 1996, the year Scraps was born. My house is a "twin" home and we have one common driveway that comes off the street, which splits at the top of the entrance into two separate driveways.

About 5-6 years ago, we got new neighbors. They are both in their 60's and the husband has health issues. I started snow-blowing their side of the driveway that first year, just because a) it's the neighborly thing to do, and b) because of the health issues noted above. I've done this every year since they've moved in, never asking for anything in return.

Skip forward to this year. The two substantial snow storms we've had weren't that bad, the snow was a powdery snow and I was able to use the shovel to move it. My neighbors, on the other hand, have a relative who lives close who has a "quad" with a snow plow attachment. Their thirty-something son borrowed the quad twice this year, cleared their side, pushed the snow onto my lawn, and left without even offering to clear my side. (this son lives with them now)

I'm not sure whether or not to say anything to them about the issue, but it pisses me off that he is pushing the snow onto my lawn. When I "blew" the snow for them, I distributed the snow equally on both sides of the property. But, I did both houses, not just the mouth of the driveway and my side.

I'm just venting, as I have to go out, break out my snowblower and put even more snow on top of what he already plowed onto my lawn.

For the record, if they didn't plow, I'd have been out there last night with the snowblower, clearing both sides. I like my neighbors and don't want to make this the issue that causes tension between us, but...let's say it's frustrating.

I had to get this rant off my wife is tired of hearing me bitch about it, so I thought I'd share it with you.

So, off I go, to blow the snow...stay warm!

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