Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sighting XXII

I promise, you will enjoy the irony of this "Sighting".

The New Majority Council held their meeting last night at Blue Bell Inn. Eleanor Schneider (pictured below) know, Jim's secretary with the high school diploma, who they changed county rules for, in an attempt to install her in the six figure position as county HR director, and whose husband was hired as the fleet manager a few months back, after they changed the job requirements for his job, also?... attended the meeting.

Afterward, boss King James the Turd met up with her in the bar (we've see these two together alot-they were together at State committee, see above photo)...not that there's anything (allegedly) going on, mind's more likely that he has to pay to have friends now or something...

Anyway, I digress..

Jimbo proceeds to belly up and make up for lost time with his buddy Mr. Dewars and hang w/ his secretary and former State Rep. Joe Gladeck (who opted not to seek re-election in 2000, lest widely publicized charges of beating up his girlfriend be an issue in his re-election campaign)...

But I digress (again)...

Matthews is heard bellowing, making disparaging remarks about latino attorney Joanna Cruz (a recommended candidate for judge) claiming she only got the recommendation because she serves in GOP Chairman Bob Kerns' law firm (irony: El Rey Jaime la Mierda De Tercero was at the New Majority Council Meeitng, a group dedicated to electing minorities and attracting them to the party). isn't because she was a qualified candidate who happened to be a minority. Nope, not in "Jimboland".

It's all about him and politics!

His secretary, Miss Eleanor (who seeks to lead this county's 3700 member task force), did she stand up for diversity and give Cruz credit? Nope. She nodded along, obviously for reasons spelled "job security".

Matthews then talked up his BFF Joe Hoeffel and all the great things they're doing in Montgomery County (implementing the Democrat agenda), when Gladeck, like a wolf howling alone in the wilderness, bellows how "Castor is an asshole!"

It should be noted that Matthews offered to buy NMC boss Pam Levy a drink. She refused...politely.

The Turd was then observed then hanging out with Republican State Committee member Lou Guerra. (note to King Jimbo on the outs with other BFF, Barry Miller? He was noticibly absent from the Blue Bell last evening...maybe they're on a "break"? hmmmmm....)

A big night for Jimbo. The ultimate Mardis Gras celebration for KJIII?: Disparaging a minority candidate for common pleas judge!

I'm at a loss to think what "the Turd's" other best friend, President Judge Richard Hodgson, thinks about Jimbo's assessment of his future colleague.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Change We Can "Be After"...

Huh? Change we can "be after"? What does that mean?

-named sources report that President Barack Obama has been issued a copyright for the word "Hope".

Mr. Obama was so enthralled with the word during his campaign last year, that he decided to go the route of KISS co-founder and bassist, Gene Simmons and copyright the use of the word. (Simmons currently holds the copyright on the word "axe" pertaining to it's use as a synonym for the word "guitar")

From here on, for the next 80 years, whenever the word "hope" is used in print, you owe Obama a royalty. He has also copyrighted the following representations of the word "hope":

"h_pe", ho_e", "h*pe", etc.

Mr. Obama will receive $0.05 for each use of the word "hope" in print and in an unprecedented grant by the U.S. Copyright Office, he'll receive $.025 for each verbal use of the word.

What does this mean? Well, when your brother goes fishing and you ask him if if conditions are good, and he answers "I sure hope so", he owes Barack two and a half cents. When your mother is sick and you send her a card that says "I hope you feel better soon", BANG!...Barack gets a nickel.

Obama has several more copyrights pending for synonyms of the word "hope", which include :

rust, desire, wish, want, go for, plan and be after

Obama had shown a desire to copyright other, inflammatory words that rhyme with "hope", like "nope", "dope", "pope" and "mope", arguing that if the Republicans used the words against him in a campaign message, he could have the last laugh by making them pay him a nickel for each usage, making him a multi-millionaire.

Obama was counseled by staff and supporters in Congress not to, as he will most likely not have to run again for president, as they plan to install him as emperor of the realm and abolish suffrage in the United States before his first term expires.

Looks like the only "change" this presidency will generate starts with the $0.60 cents I owe him by writing this article. The check is in the mail, Mr. President...I hope you're satisfied...Damn, another nickel!


this article is purely satirical in nature and is meant for entertainment purposes only.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

He's The Man...

...and I'm sure most of us can relate!

Enjoy the video.

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Castor Bitch Slaps Hoeffel With Facts, Hoeffel Admits He’s Stupid

The strained relationship between the commissioners is becoming more and more contentious as time goes on. The latest issue to cause a ruckus at the commissioner's meetings has been ethics.

Latest? Check that. Castor has been calling for ethics reform since he was sworn in back in January of 2008. In April of last year, it was a hot topic (see PA Watercooler article), again in August, as reported by your humble blogger here.

It's only recently, as a matter of fact, that Mr. Potato Head himself, Joe Hoeffel, has been calling for Castor's head as a result of a few emails that circulated well over 5 years ago.

The latest came with Hoeffel, once again, pointing out that Castor had allegedly "directed" an underling to conuct political work on county time. Castor admits to sending a few emails and some passing conversation concerning politics, but is adamant that no political activity was going on that violated any ethics code.

The ethics code that Hoeffel put in place during his former (1993) administration did not specifically include electronic messaging between county employees.

Republican Commissioner, Bruce L. Castor, Jr. responded in a way that Hoeffel wasn't prepared for.

He "bitch slapped" Hoeffel with his own rhetoric.

From the Philadelphia newspaper, "The Bulletin":

Mr. Castor then raised the matter of a letter Mr. Hoeffel wrote in March 1993 after first taking office as commissioner which said the Democrat found himself “’in the loop’ of policy and personnel decisions affecting county government.”

He took that occasion to advertise to associates familiar with his work at the Murphy & Oliver law firm that he remained with the firm and that they should keep in touch with him. The former district attorney said that letter amounted to influence peddling.

The county ought, Mr. Castor said, to “endow an entire wing in the hypocrites hall of fame” in recognition of Mr. Hoeffel who he said has “the dirtiest hands of anyone who has ever held the commissioners’ post.”
Hoeffel, it was reported by a source in the meeting room, was flabbergasted. His reply? Admission of stupidity:
Mr. Hoeffel said [...] the letter was “the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in public life.”
Brad Vasoli, reporter extrodinaire at the Bulletin has an excellent article on this issue:

Hoeffel, Castor Continue Ethics Duel


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Is Truer Than You Think!

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Happy Birthday... my brother, Jef.

Jef was my Best Man when I married Karen back in '92. He must be my good luck charm, as we are celebrating 17 years of wedded bliss May 2nd of this year.

I know he doesn't read this and probably never will, but I have to put it out there, as I will do for all of my family this year.

Happy Birfday, widdle brudder!


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Weight Loss, Week 6

And, I've lost nothing this week. Nada. Zilch. Zip.

But, I've gained nothing this week, either.

It all started last Friday, with my birthday. I had 2 big meals that day, and cake, to boot. I had a piece of birthday cake every day until it was gone on Monday evening.

Monday and Tuesday, I sat in class, sedentary, for 7 hours. I had cafeteria food for lunch both days.

Yesterday, after a week of bad choices, I at least ate very little and got some exercise (I did the food shopping...bending, stretching, lifting, walking)

I'm very surprised, after the week I've had, that I didn't gain weight.

Here's to next week and hoping for some recovery from this one.


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

King James Believes Solution to Issue to be Black and White

At least Margaret Gibbons, of the Intelligencer, thinks so:

Ambler NAACP President Evelyn Warner often serves as Montgomery County commissioners' conscience on race issues.

Warner periodically shows up at the commissioners meetings to remind them that they also serve the minority community and that they should include more minorities in top government posts and on boards.

Warner most recently suggested that they appoint a black to the county planning commission since that often-moribund board has recently shown signs of life, particularly now since it has a lead role in the development of the county's $150 million local transportation improvement program.

The county has never had a black serve on the planning board.

Commissioners Chairman James R. Matthews' response to Warner's suggestion?

He told her that she and her "community" should focus their efforts this year in getting a black elected to the county bench.

Heh, Jimbo said "your community"...that's as bad as saying "you people" or "he's very well spoken". Stay classy Jaime la Mierda, stay classy.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Off To College, Day 2...

So far, the class has been fairly interesting. Some of the magic that is the internet has been revealed to me (and the 8 others taking the class), prompting a few "oohs" and ahhs and half a dozen "cools".

Notwithstanding, the class is challenging. I've been learning how to lay out a web page, us links to take you to different parts of a page, to different pages within the website and links to other websites that open in a new window (to keep you from navigating away from the original site).

Today, I will complete another 7 hours of intense instruction, with a project included, and receive a certificate that says I completed the course.

It's not an Associates degree, but to me, it means the world, as I will have a new skill to add to my resume...a skill that may just open a few doors that wouldn't have otherwise in my search for employment.

On the other hand, it may just be the springboard for what I've wanted to do for quite some time...start my own graphic design company.

Once again, the oh, so familiar smell of coffee is permeating the first floor of Casa de Shaw...I'll fill you in later on what was accomplished in today's session.



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Monday, February 16, 2009

Off To College...

...To take some non-credit courses.

This may be the beginning of me getting back on track to earn a degree.

When and if I do, I'll add it to my bucket list then cross it off.

I've gone back before and had to quit when a scheduling conflict arose with work. Since I've not been able to find a job in my chosen field, I may have to do what I had to over ten years ago and re-invent the wheel.

Of course, I'll try to do as much of it online as I can. Montco Community College offers a combination package for the degree I'd like to earn, so I'll try to take advantage of it.

Oh, the course I'm taking today and tomorrow? Web design and development. Just another skill to pad my resume with for potential employers. In a few weeks, I'll be back to learn basic graphic animation for the web.

Well, coffee's ready...class starts at 9 o'clock...I'll be back online later to fill you in on what's-what.

Enjoy your day off, County employees, the rest of you, at least traffic won't be too bad today.


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Change Comes to Washington, D.C.

And here is the rest of it. Read Full Text/Comments

Obama to Veto Porkulus Bill...

...don't we wish?

Actually, this article, Posted by Scott Ott on "", satirizes the passing of the so-called "stimulus package"...

Obama to Veto Stimulus Bill: ‘I Had a Dream’

by Scott Ott for ScrappleFace · 10 Comments

(2009-02-14) — President Barack Obama said today that “after a restless night’s sleep” he will veto the $787 billion economic stimulus package passed by Democrats in Congress on Friday.

“I had a dream,” said a visibly shaken Mr. Obama. “that my daughters, Sasha and Malia, were trapped under the 1,100-page legislation. In the dream I saw my girls as women in their forties and they were still paying for this. I woke up, and did the math, and realized that it wasn’t just a dream. Has anybody read this thing yet?”

The president said he “never really cared about the stimulus anyway” and that he “just wanted Nancy to shut up and Harry to go away,” referring to House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid.

Good stuff? Read the rest of the article here.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Only Post I'm Posting Today

...and it's a "repeat"!

Born Today:

L.L. Bean was born on 13th of February in 1873

Bess Truman was born on 13th of February in 1885

Grant Wood was born on 13th of February in 1892

Tennessee Ernie Ford was born on 13th of February in 1919

Chuck Yeager was born on 13th of February in 1923

Kim Novak was born on 13th of February in 1933

George Segal was born on 13th of February in 1934

Oliver Reed was born on 13th of February in 1938

Carol Lynley was born on 13th of February in 1942

Jerry Springer was born on 13th of February in 1944

Peter Tork was born on 13th of February in 1944

Stockard Channing was born on 13th of February in 1944

Peter Gabriel was born on 13th of February in 1950

Lord Randolph Churchill (Winston Churchill's dad) 13-Feb-1849

Randy Moss was born on 13th of February in 1977

Henry Rollins was born on 13th of February in 1961

My Grand-Uncle Herman "Bud" Schwartz was born on 13th of February ( a long time ago)

And last but certainly not least, props to my mom and dad, because:

Your Humble Blogger, B. Shaw was born on 13th of February in 1964
(little did the world know what it was in for!)

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Censure Is (Or, "Spank the Turd" Again)...

Contributed by "Black Horse"

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My Dad's Blog

Dad posted a few more snippets this week. Be sure to check them out on his blog, "My Philthy-Delphia.

He's finally getting the hang of things and is quite happy to have a place (other than Mom's ear) to rant about what pisses him off about our government. Mom's happy that Dad's found a new hobby since he retired. I'm happy to see Dad take a passionate interest in how bad things have gotten (welcome to the club, Dad!).

Looks like everybody's happy.

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Weight Loss, Week 5

This begins my fifth week of my weight loss plan. I've gained a half pound this week.

My net loss since embarking on this program on January 5th is 7 lbs. My net loss since January 1st, when my scale read "OL" (over limit) is approximately 13 lbs. I was 299 lbs Christmas week.

Am I disappointed in the half pound weight gain? No. I had a weekend that was not conducive to dieting and/or calorie counting. I drank a lot of OPB (other peoples beer), also, adding to the mix. I'm quite surprised, in fact, that the weight gain wasn't more.

I've since gotten back "on the program" of portion control, save for a lunch at Cracker Barrel yesterday...but I did have three vegetables with my chicken fried steak.

As for exercise? We've been fostering a dog for a friend and I've been walking about a quarter mile every day, which may not seem like much, but with my bad knee, is more than enough to get me sweating. I think the walking is the reason I haven't gained more than that half pound this week.

Week 5 begins with my birthday tomorrow. I've already chosen my "dinner" and will be having a steak, baked potato with sour cream and a salad. I'd like French onion soup as an "appetizer", but may have to pass on the cheese and bread.

After my birthday feast, it's down to the business of knocking off a pound or two this week. Wish me luck.

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Specter Responds to Criticism-CNN Video

Specter get's thrown a softball by CNN on his vote for the Porkulus package:

And here is the rest of it. Read Full Text/Comments

Montgomery County Controller: S.N.A.F.U.

And I mean A.F.U.!

Here's the thing-Montco Controller, Diane Morgan, has really let her office go to hell in just over a year.

The 1099 forms sent out by the controller's office for over 1620 individuals are wrong. Yes, wrong.

Here's what happened...the new software (such as "we dems know better than you what works") used to generate the 1099 forms has a major snag in it:

For example, a county assistant district attorney might receive a fee as an independent contractor when she or he sits on a three-member arbitration panel to handle a civil case. That assistant district attorney may be reimbursed for expenses to travel to a preliminary hearing as part of his or her job as a prosecutor.

The accounts payable software used by the county lumps all of those fees and reimbursements together and that sum is reflected on the 1099 forms, according to Morgan.

Also, a 1099 form, filed with the IRS, lists taxable income from which no deductions have been made.

My questions for Ms. Morgan are: How much is going to cost the Montgomery County taxpayers? And, isn't the boss ultimately to blame when a trusted second screws up? Lastly, What about those employees who already filed their taxes...if they paid someone to do their taxes, is the controller's office responsible for paying to have them re-done? I'll bet the answer to all of these questions is "no comment".

Since last year, Morgan has been going all out to try to screw with Republicans in the courthouse and in One Montgomery, and all the while, "Rome" was burning. Maybe Diane Morgan needs to get her own house in order before she starts sticking her nose under other people's tents.

Even Eric Kretschman never screwed up this bad, IMHO!

Read the entire Intelligencer article here.

H/T to SPR for the heads-up

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Today is Sarah Palin's birthday.

As Sarah turns 45 today and I turn 45 on Friday, my arrogance allows me to state that 1964, especially February 1964, was indeed, a great vintage for conservatives in America.

Thank goodness Thalidomide became illegal in '62. (heh!)

G-d bless you, Sarah Palin, on the anniversary of your birth. Many happy returns of the day and may you live another 45 (or more) years, if so inclined!

If you would like to email Governor Palin and wish her a happy birthday, click this link, to her official government web site, and fill out the form:

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Jimbo Takes One With The Team

The County will retain the services of longtime auditors, Maillie Falconiero & Co. of Pottstown, to audit the Retirement Boards books.

This was accomplished by...get this...Matthews voting with Treasurer, Garrett D. Page and Republican Commissioner, Bruce L. Castor, Jr.

Voting against were Commissioner Hoeffel (D) and Controller, Diane Morgan (D).

Morgan and Hoeffel wanted to hire a firm located outside of Montgomery county, to which Castor, Page and Matthews rebuked them by saying,

"they were satisfied with the past work performed by the Maillie firm and preferred awarding county contracts to county businesses whenever possible." (M. Gibbons, The Intelligencer-02/10/08)
Morgan had proposed that a Reading, Berks County firm do the job "to put fresh eyes and a healthy dose of skepticism" on the process, basically saying that she didn't trust the two commissioner's and the treasurer's judgment. The Reading firm had proposed to do the job for about $5 thousand dollars per year more than the Maillie firm.

I'm not fully convinced that this was a "party line" vote by Jimbo, more than the fact that he wanted to keep Montgomery County tax dollars in Montgomery County, which I have absolutely no problem with, whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, here's a novel about the commissioners imposing a "Do Business In Montco" doctrine? That way, political contributers from surrounding counties can't influence Montco politics by being awarded contracts to do business with Montco. I'm sure exceptions could be made when certain services are not available in Montgomery County, but for the most part...contracts here keep and create jobs here.

Yeah, it's a silly idea. So was the airplane and subsequently the parachute.

Read Margaret Gibbons Intelligencer article here.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

...And, Running (Again)...

Two names pop up in the county judicial races on the democrat side of the ticket...names we all may recognize for no other reason than the fact they run for everything lately.

None other than Anne Thornberg Weiss (our county Clerk of Courts) and two-time loser of the 6th Congressional seat (to Jim Gerlach), Lois "the Carpetbagger" Murphy.

Murphy's last assignment/job was on the Governor's Action Team, a sort of lobbying group that helps companies expand and grow in PA (after, I'm sure, a hefty donation to the democratic party).

As for Thornberg Weiss, she should have never run for row office if she'd known she was going to run for judge. Your humble blogger wonders if she only ran to raise her name recognition (which, in turn, would help raise money or the party)? No, that wouldn't be ethical.

Anyway, the only other notable on the democrat side is former Ken Davis supporter and Republican Party apostate Cheryl Lynn Austin. Austin defected from the party in the great debacle called the "Registration Shift"...the largest shift in registration in Montgomery County history, all while under the dutiful watch of failed party chairman Ken Davis.

What really boggles the mind, is that the website of former MCRC director Adam Gattuso and his assistant, Matt McLaughlin's consulting group, GOP for PA, still had Austin listed as a Republican as of January 7th of this year (see cached page-click here).

So, there you have it...three notable democrats running for judge in Montgomery County this year. From what I see, we need to run 7 notable Republicans to beat them, if only on name recognition alone.

With the number of candidates in the race at the present time, the outcome of our endorsement may have the greatest impact on Montgomery County than any time in past history. It's up to the committee people of the MCRC to speak up to their leaders and urge them to choose the best and brightest when they meet to make their recommendations to party chairman, Bob Kerns. The will of the committe is of the utmost importance now, more than ever..

Lets hope they choose well. Let's hope they choose wisely. Let's hope they choose based on what we, the committee decide. If not, then the next choice will be choose new leadership within our committees.

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Censure Is (Or, "Spank the Turd")...

I've gotten 2 submissions so far...

"Chris From Springfield" submits:

While "Pottstown Pete" thinks this one is a hoot:

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Monday, February 9, 2009

"Censure Is"...

Back in the 60's and '70's, there was a series of comics that started with "Love Is", and went on to have little, syrupy, cute snippets attached, like "Love Is" 'never having to say you're sorry', and the like, all of it hippie drivel.

Well, folks, after this weekend, we need to re-wire that hippies comic series and start a "Censure is" series.


Well, first and foremost, at the state committee breakfast for the Southeastern Caucus, several of Montgomery County's State Committee members were warm and fuzzy with KJIII. As I sat and watched Jimbo go from table to table, looking for friends, he, indeed, found one or two.

So, for those few that actually exchanged kind words with the first (little "R") republican who ever was censured by the Montgomery County Republican Committee for actions not consistent with the principles of the Republican Party, here is the first of my series, which I will call "Censure Is". Maybe you guys will finally get the hint.

To the rest of us, those who do "get it", I hope you enjoy them, my apologies to the original creator of the "Love Is" brand, and, if you feel so inclined, send me a few of your own and I will post them at a later date.

As an added incentive, send in your ideas, get your chance to "spank" the Turd and I'll give a Writemarsh button to the top 5 entries!


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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sightings:XXI ***UPDATE***

Yes, I have an update!

The "turd" showed up at breakfast, milled around the banquet room, spoke to a few of his Montco "faithful", walked over and stood by himself next to the entrance wall, and snuck out when nobody was looking...well, almost nobody.

And he didn't even stop by our table to say "hi".
This photo is of Jimbo, right before he kinda sucks when nobody wants you around, doesn't it?

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I happened to be in Harrisburg last evening, and who did I happen to see on the second floor atrium of the Hilton, Harrisburg?

Heeeeeeeeee's Heeeeeeeere!

Yes, folks, in H-Burg to celebrate his and Ronald Reagan's birthday (the irony befuddles me) was none other than King James the Turd!

James Rex was sighted by your's truly, just after I saw his personal secretary standing on the atrium stairs, attempting to mix it up with a few people...and throwing back a few to celebrate his special day.

His Majesty actually bumped into me (OK, I bumped into him) at one point, but, like ships passing in the night, neither acknowledged the collision. I was too busy trying not to drop three beverages while balancing my good leg with my cane to stop and exchange pleasantries.

El Rey Jaime de Mierda la Tercera did not have dinner with the state committee crew. Although I did see his county secretary chumming it up with State Committeewoman, Susan Shea later on in the evening, KJIII was noticeably absent from any further festivities.

Maybe I'll see him at breakfast.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weight Loss, Week 4

At the beginning of what is my 4th week, I have a net loss of 7.5 lbs. That may not be substantial to most, but I'm steadily losing and keeping it off. I lost 6 last week from my illness and put 4 back on, but I expected that result.

I've been getting a handle on portion control over the past three weeks. Even on Superbowl Sunday, I ate half a tuna hoagie, two or three fried mushrooms and that's all. I had no additional snacks during the game, as in years past.

I've also been cooking for four, not making a meal fit for an army, so we're wasting less food. I'm planning on preparing some bulk "freezables" for the winter, chili and soup, which I will freeze in quarts.

One of the problems I need to get more under control is all of the tasting I do while cooking dinner. The introduction of one-pot, pre-prepared meals such as soup and chili are will help that issue along...just heat and eat!

We are also fostering a dog for a while, so my activity level is up, with three a day walks around the cemetery, about 2 miles total (combined walking).

Here's to week 5...

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Am I Making Too Much Of This?

On a personal note...I've owned a snow blower since 1996, the year Scraps was born. My house is a "twin" home and we have one common driveway that comes off the street, which splits at the top of the entrance into two separate driveways.

About 5-6 years ago, we got new neighbors. They are both in their 60's and the husband has health issues. I started snow-blowing their side of the driveway that first year, just because a) it's the neighborly thing to do, and b) because of the health issues noted above. I've done this every year since they've moved in, never asking for anything in return.

Skip forward to this year. The two substantial snow storms we've had weren't that bad, the snow was a powdery snow and I was able to use the shovel to move it. My neighbors, on the other hand, have a relative who lives close who has a "quad" with a snow plow attachment. Their thirty-something son borrowed the quad twice this year, cleared their side, pushed the snow onto my lawn, and left without even offering to clear my side. (this son lives with them now)

I'm not sure whether or not to say anything to them about the issue, but it pisses me off that he is pushing the snow onto my lawn. When I "blew" the snow for them, I distributed the snow equally on both sides of the property. But, I did both houses, not just the mouth of the driveway and my side.

I'm just venting, as I have to go out, break out my snowblower and put even more snow on top of what he already plowed onto my lawn.

For the record, if they didn't plow, I'd have been out there last night with the snowblower, clearing both sides. I like my neighbors and don't want to make this the issue that causes tension between us, but...let's say it's frustrating.

I had to get this rant off my wife is tired of hearing me bitch about it, so I thought I'd share it with you.

So, off I go, to blow the snow...stay warm!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Judicial Boards of Review

All candidates running for judge in Montgomery County have the opportunity to be rated by their peers at the Montgomery County Bar Association. Those who chose to seek recommendation were assessed and the final results were posted on the Montgomery Bar Association website last week. The judging criteria is as follows:

The Judiciary Committee of the Montgomery Bar Association is charged with interviewing and rating candidates for the position of judge in the Court of Common Pleas. The Judiciary Committee is composed of 34 lawyers of diverse backgrounds, ages, practices and geographic areas of Montgomery County with a combined legal practice exceeding 1000 years.

Each candidate is evaluated individually and not as compared to other candidates. The purpose of the ratings is to educate the public as to how each candidate’s peers view them as possibly becoming judges, and to assist the electorate in their evaluation of judicial candidates on election day.

The Committee is charged to rate a candidate recommended, highly recommended or not recommended.

The recommendation awarded to the candidate does not speak to the candidate’s ability as a practicing attorney at law.

The rating criteria which are considered are the candidate’s:

  • Integrity
  • Good moral character
  • Industry
  • Good health
  • Legal ability
  • Bench trial, jury trial or evidentiary hearing experience
  • Judicial temperament (patience, courtesy, compassion, impartiality, humility, even temper, sense of fairness)

Each candidate submits to the Committee a biographical summary of their legal experience and background. These submissions are carefully reviewed and considered. The Committee also conducts reviews and discussions with persons each candidate advises are familiar with their qualifications.

The Bar considers this procedure a public service.

Below, I have listed those Republican judicial candidates "highly recommended" and "recommended" by the Bar:

Highly Recommended
Gary Steven Silow
Daniel J. Clifford
Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio
Garrett David Page

Jeffrey McDonnell
Kelly C. Wall
Maureen Claire Coggins
John C. Armstrong
Patricia E. Coonahan
Wendy Demchick-Alloy
David A. Keightly
Joanna M. Cruz
Brian D. Rosenthal

Not Recommended
Harvey Friedland

The Bar Association allows attorneys vying for judicial recommendations to withdraw of the running rather than receive a "not recommended" status. The Republican candidates who withdrew are:

Bill Bryers
Moon Ahn
Barbara May

I have listed each candidate in the order they were presented on the Bar Association's website. I am looking into whether or not they were placed there by ranking, or if it is just a random placement.

As soon as I know, I will update this post accordingly.

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Obama Countdown