Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jimbo Lied...Again

Jim Matthews officially threw his hat into the ring–again– and is now a candidate for Lt. Governor. This was after Jim had said he would not be seeking the position again...that, in fact, he was going to concentrate on being Montgomery County Commissioner. Obviously, Jim lied...again.

Well, Jimbo, I'll be expecting your resignation from the election board in the morning. Oh, and don't expect a Montco Republican endorsement for this one...even though this blogger'd be glad to be rid of you, I can't say that I'd be at all for some power sharing agreement on the statewide level.

So, why not flip and run as Jo-Ho's running mate? Then there will not be any awkward moments on the campaign trail, when you're playing footsie under the table with Mr. Potato Head while hanging
on your running mate's every word.

JimTurd for Lt. Governor? Jo-Ho for Governor? As much as I'd not like to admit it, I'd feel so much better if both of them were still county commissioners this time next year, But that's just this humble blogger's position.


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Mensch Wins Special Election

With less than 13% of the electorate bothering to show up, Mensch handily beats both of his opponents convincingly, winning with 68% of the vote, a 2(+) to 1 margin over the democrat, Scheuring.

Seever wasn't even in the race.

Oh, and today is the anniversary of James Dean's untimely death. He went from 55 mph to zero when he abruptly stopped after hitting a 1950 Ford Custom Tudor Coupe.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There is a special election today, September 29th in the 24th senatorial district of PA.

Republican Bob Mensch is squaring off against a democratic third-stringer in Anne Scheuring (a member of Lansdale Borough Council), and Barbara Steever, a Libertarian from Upper Hanover.

Scheuring has refused to debate Mensch and Steever. Both Mensch and Scheuring have received extensive support from their respective parties in the form of contributions and volunteers.

If you read this and live in the district, please be sure to vote.

I predict a lackluster turnout with a Mensch victory delivered by Republican 4/4 voters and (former) Wonderling supporters determining the outcome.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jo-Ho Steps Down from Election Board Post

Although Hoeffel states in the article that Kern's press release didn't influence his decision, it does seem kind of ironic that he stepped down before the end of the same day the press release came out.

I guess Jo-Ho is just one of those "ethical" guys that get into politics to serve the people, not to get all of his friends and cronies jobs...oh,wait, check that. He and Matthews made an agreement to share the power so they could give jobs to their friends and cronies.

Hopefully, president judge, Judge Richard J. Hodgson, will appoint the right person for the job, and the election board will no longer be under Marcel Groen's control, vis a vis Hoeffel.

Read Margaret Gibbons report from "The Intelligencer"

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GOP Chairman Kerns Demands Jo-Ho's Resignation



“Elections should be free and fair. Hoeffel needs to step aside immediately to ensure he’s not setting the table for himself”

Bob Kerns, Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Committee, called on Democrat County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel to step down from the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

“Joe Hoeffel chairs the Montgomery County Board of Elections and can act in that capacity to advantage his candidacy for Governor. He needs to step down immediately and allow for an alternate to be appointed in his place,” Kerns said.

“This has been the tradition in the past when County Commissioners have run for office and I think Hoeffel needs to step down now,” Kerns said.

““Elections should be free and fair. Hoeffel needs to step aside immediately to ensure he’s not setting the table for himself,” Kerns said, noting that Hoeffel remained on the Board of Elections when he was a candidate in a contested election to be a Hillary Clinton delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

The President Judge of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas has the legal authority to appoint a replacement to the Board of Elections once Hoeffel steps aside.

Hoeffel announced on Sunday that he would be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Pennsylvania Governor in 2010.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hoeffel Announces

"Jo-Ho" announced today that he will, indeed, be running for governor.

It surprises me that he hasn't announced a running mate-I guess he's waiting for Jimbo to either flip or announce the first *bi-partisan* gubernatorial ticket in the history of Montgomery County.

Funny, but if not for Jim-Turd empowering Hoeffel a year and a half or so ago, this may very well not have catapulted Jo-Ho to the statewide (if not national) stardom he now has...Thanks, KJIII, you selfless bastard. Thanks.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is "Racist" the new "Communist"?

During the McCarthy era, we had a run of people trying to "out" communists, to the point that it's overuse caused it to become less of a stigma to be called one. Is the current administration doing the same to the word "Racist"?

We very well may be going down that road. The video below is a great example of how "racism" is no longer a broad stroke of bigotry, but simply a case of both non- whites and "guilty" whites stating "white people hate everyone who isn't like them". The video is about an hour, but is well worth the time spent watching.

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Joe Hoeffel a Strong Possibility For Governor's Race

It looks like Joe Hoeffel will be seeking yet another position that will keep him on the public's payroll, if successful.

In a recent poll, Jo-jo garnered 30% of the support, should he decide to run against likely candidates. Unfortunately, Jim Matthews was not named as a likely running mate for Joe...bummer, considering how well they have worked together over the past year and a half.

Hopefully, as close as he and Jimbo have been, he will be a likely recipient of a huge dose of the "Matthews Effect" can only hope.

Read more about it here.


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