Saturday, February 7, 2009


I happened to be in Harrisburg last evening, and who did I happen to see on the second floor atrium of the Hilton, Harrisburg?

Heeeeeeeeee's Heeeeeeeere!

Yes, folks, in H-Burg to celebrate his and Ronald Reagan's birthday (the irony befuddles me) was none other than King James the Turd!

James Rex was sighted by your's truly, just after I saw his personal secretary standing on the atrium stairs, attempting to mix it up with a few people...and throwing back a few to celebrate his special day.

His Majesty actually bumped into me (OK, I bumped into him) at one point, but, like ships passing in the night, neither acknowledged the collision. I was too busy trying not to drop three beverages while balancing my good leg with my cane to stop and exchange pleasantries.

El Rey Jaime de Mierda la Tercera did not have dinner with the state committee crew. Although I did see his county secretary chumming it up with State Committeewoman, Susan Shea later on in the evening, KJIII was noticeably absent from any further festivities.

Maybe I'll see him at breakfast.

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