Wednesday, February 18, 2009

King James Believes Solution to Issue to be Black and White

At least Margaret Gibbons, of the Intelligencer, thinks so:

Ambler NAACP President Evelyn Warner often serves as Montgomery County commissioners' conscience on race issues.

Warner periodically shows up at the commissioners meetings to remind them that they also serve the minority community and that they should include more minorities in top government posts and on boards.

Warner most recently suggested that they appoint a black to the county planning commission since that often-moribund board has recently shown signs of life, particularly now since it has a lead role in the development of the county's $150 million local transportation improvement program.

The county has never had a black serve on the planning board.

Commissioners Chairman James R. Matthews' response to Warner's suggestion?

He told her that she and her "community" should focus their efforts this year in getting a black elected to the county bench.

Heh, Jimbo said "your community"...that's as bad as saying "you people" or "he's very well spoken". Stay classy Jaime la Mierda, stay classy.

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