Saturday, August 30, 2008

And Now Back To the Montco Grind...

Jim Matthews has lost it. Seriously, in your humble bloggers opinion, he has gone completely bonkers.

In a news story in yesterdays Times Herald, Margaret Gibbons reported on the Ethics code, and how Republican Commissioner, Bruce Castor, is vying to reinstate the ethics code that Cmmsr. Hoeffel had voted for back in '98, during his previous tenure as the democratic (minority) commissioner. Jim Matthews, on the other hand, doesn't want reform:

"I don't think we should have a ban on political activity whatsoever," said Matthews, a Republican long at odds with Castor and who entered into an unprecedented power-sharing pact with Hoeffel, leaving Castor the odd man out in the current administration. "I think it violates rights."

Matthews also was critical of Castor for seeking to have the political activity ban reinstated, calling Castor's motion "a blatant political and hypocritical ... gesture."

"He (Castor) is just jumping on this because he views it as an opportunity to play you against me," Matthews told Hoeffel. "It has nothing to do with authenticity of concern whatsoever."

"What it is designed for on its limited basis is for those people who are not supporters of Mr. Castor," said Matthews. "He wants to silence them as well as anyone involved that has been brought on board from the Democratic Party." (click here to read the entire story)
Matthews must be taking lessons from the amazing Kreskin, or at least "Karnak the Magnificient". Now he actually knows what Castor is thinking.

But, wanting to reform ethics at the county courthouse is nothing more than a ploy to get between King James and Joe Hoeffel?
Matthews has let this feud with Castor go to his head...and it's all about him, right?

I'm sure, back in 1998, Mele, Buckman and Hoeffel wrote the Code of Ethics (that Matthews subsequently suspended) strictly for future commissioner Bruce Castor's political maneuvering...FEH!

He's becoming more egocentric and delusional as the months pass. Maybe he needs to take a long vacation and get his head together.

I know of a time share that has this great rubber room...

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