Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ed Boyd: The Latest "Victim" of "The Matthews Effect"

There is a new phenomenon in Montgomery County Republican circles...Abington Township's Ed Boyd is the latest in what may turn out to be a string of candidates failing to be elected or re-elected based on one factor–their support of James Rex, the Turd.

The ATRO result is indicitative of a growing trend in Montco GOP politics known as "The Matthews Effect." People tied to King James Matthews continue to lose elections. King James is the man who betrayed his party, his donors, and his voters by turning control of Montgomery County government over to Democrat Joe Hoeffel. Many people were fooled by him and now, themselves, feel foolish that they disregarded a mountian of evidence that King James was untrustworthy, and supported him over the strong objection of then-District Attorney Bruce Castor (a man with much experience identifying people who are of poor character.)

We first saw "The Matthews Effect" when Lee Falgout, Chair of the Upper Moreland GOP was running for the nomination for Congress in the 13th District. Merely mentioning Falgout's ardent support for Matthews brought about his defeat by 2 to 1 at the hands of Marina Kats who embraced Castor and his supporters. Falgout subsequently had to give up his chairman's post as well.

The next victim of "The Matthews Effect" was MCRC Chairman Ken Davis who was forced to give up on his re-election efforts when all countywide elected Republicans (except Matthews) refused to support him. Thus branded as Matthews' candidate, any support Davis had evaporated.

Similarily, the (former) candidate opposing now-Chairman Bob Kerns, Jim Vlahos, had to end his campaign after several times being mentioned in newspaper accounts as being backed by Jim Matthews. People stopped talking to Vlahos.

Which brings us back to the latest victim of "The Matthews Effect", Ed Boyd, who wanted to be ATRO Chairman. Boyd was a vocal supporter of King James and even went so far as to defend him aggressively on his blog (posts subsequently removed after the GOP unleashed a firestorm on Boyd in their wake.) Boyd's defeat at the hands of newcomer Bob Adshead (a longtime Castor friend) yet again underscores the depth of the animosity felt by Republicans toward Jim Matthews.

As we proceed into another general election cycle, more and more Republican candidates flock to Bruce Castor for support while shunning Matthews. Who can blame them? None wants to be felled by..."The Matthews Effect."



Anonymous said...

I thought Falgout gave up his chairman's post because he didn't want to be beaten by a girl.

Anonymous said...

"The Matthews Effect" also had as a by-product the unification of the fractured GOP. It came together against him.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree, Falgoust did not run because he was not the best candidate. His leadership (or lack there of) was what drove him to not run! UM is better off with its new leader.

RAW said...

The issue was the "Boyd effect" rather than the "Matthews effect":
1. Ed's divisive and ultra right attitude is not instep with ATRO or our community.
2. No Leadership, Fundraising, or Recruitment skills.
3. His embarrassing blog.
He is, however, a decent volunteer.

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