Friday, May 16, 2008

There’s a right way to rob a convenience store

From Lisa Mossie, Contributor

From CBS3

An area judge is coming under fire after comments apparently praising suspects in a Northeast Philadelphia robbery for their tactics and downgrading the charges against them.

Raymond Ditri and James Pietrafitta were facing charges in the robbery of a Wawa at the corner of Torresdale and Levick in April. The two suspects were apparently given credit by Judge Nazario Jimenez for allegedly committing the crime without the use of a weapon.

Before a crowded court room, Jimenez said in part:

“…let’s hope that if anybody is going to rob any place that it’s done this way. Let’s give credit where credit is due. No weapons were used…”

Note to Mayor Nutter: The crime problem in Philly isn’t going to be solved by putting more cops on the street or by passing ineffective laws against gun ownership. The crime problem in Philly is only going to be solved when the criminals are prosecuted and put in jail. After the revelations earlier this week about the extensive criminal records of the murderers of Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski (including a long list of weapons violations for which the perpetrators were never prosecuted), this joker, Judge Nazario Jiminez has basically placed a big flashing neon sign over which branch of the Criminal Justice System in Philadelphia needs scrutiny.

The FOP is calling for Jiminez to repudiate these comments. I’m calling for him to get off the bench. There is no room for “judgment” like this in Philadelphia.


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