Sunday, May 4, 2008

Results of the Poll

Poll Question:

The Evening Bulletin has invited both Bruce Castor and King James the Turd to a debate to "clear the air".

Castor Has accepted. Should James Rex III accept? Will he? (Select 2 answers)

You've voted and the results are in:

He Will–0 Votes
He Won't–20 Votes
He Shouldn't–3 votes
He'll not acknowledge the invite–22 Votes

Most of you think alike...He won't and won't acknowledge the invite.

3 of you said he shouldn't...I would guess that these votes were cast by the following:

Jim Matthews
Ken Davis
"Joss" (who comments frequently on and leans pro-Matthews with her comments)

Kind of a loaded poll, but, I felt it needed to be out there.

Keep looking for the occasional poll in the sidebar, and thanks for your input.


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