Thursday, May 1, 2008

Castor: Cronyism rampant in Montco

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Montgomery County Democrat County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel’s absurd letter defending patronage and cronyism begs a response.

Hoeffel’s entire campaign in 2007 was one allegation after another about Republican sweetheart deals, cronyism and patronage. Within six weeks of getting elected, before he even took office, Hoeffel cut a deal with “Republican” Jim Matthews to trade jobs, patronage, contracts and cronyism so he could himself participate in the same behavior he criticized.

The first thing he did was make sure his buddy and his defeated 1991 commissioner running mate, Jim Maza, was hired as deputy chief clerk making $90,000 to work part-time. What is part time? Five out of every 10 days or 20 hour per week. It is important to note that during the campaign Hoeffel criticized this position. Maza is the highest paid part-time employee in the county and his salary per day is more than the governor’s. The previous holder of that job made $75,000.

If there is a bigger “sweetheart deal” then that, I can’t find one.

Read the rest of Castor's letter here.

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Anonymous said...

There is another piece of cronyism that no one seems to mention. The new Prothonotary First Deputy Bonnie O'Kane. She is earning an income of about 13K more than the previous Republican First Deputy. $13,000!!! The supposed reasoning is she works extended hours---1 more hour per day. The irony is that the previous First Deputy worked an extra hour every day, because it was his job and he earned a salary. Where did Bonnie O'Kane come from? The City of Philadelphia. The same government operation that is so inept and corrupt that they are missing $21,000,000 in equipment (computers, phones, etc...)----NBC10 just did a report on that.

You have all of the city Democrats moving to Montgomery County blasting the way the Republicans ran the County. I think they just want to come out here, corrupt our government and take everyone's share of the pie.

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