Thursday, May 1, 2008

‘We Hit a Home Run Today’

These are the words of Montgomery County Sheriff, John P. Durante as he spoke to the crowd at the Holy Savior Club in Norristown.

Durante, Times Herald Editor, Stan Huskey, and the rest of the Citizens Advisory Council spearheaded a fund-raising event for the Giongo brothers, of Conshohocken, whose mother, Bernadette, was brutally murdered back in December.

Over $100,000 was raised to pay for the boy's educations.

Click here to see the video (you'll see my big head go by at 39 seconds...heh), read the Times Herald story below:

Citizens Advisory Council presents Giongo sons with college fund, pooled from community contributions

By CARL ROTENBERG, Times Herald Staff

NORRISTOWN — What started as a simple telephone call seeking Christmas gifts for three Conshohocken boys who unexpectedly lost their mother late last year ended Wednesday night with the announcement of a college fund totaling $106,332.30.

Members of the Citizens Advisory Council presented Shane, Collin and Quinn Giongo with an oversized check representing their college fund while more than 100 supporters and contributors to the fund applauded at the Holy Saviour Club.

In December 2007, their father, Joseph V. Giongo, was charged with allegedly killing their mother, Bernadette Giongo, at their Conshohocken home.

“This is a perfect example of the community outreach of the council,” said Michael Gretz, president of the council and Gretz Beer Co. “Our newest fund is the Child Victims Fund that was started for children who have some pressing need and families with disasters.”

“Guys, you have an education,” said Montgomery County Sheriff John P. Durante, a council member. “We hit a home run today.”

Click here to read the rest of the story.

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