Monday, May 5, 2008

County Bickers on Role of CFO


Montgomery County is looking for a new No. 1 bean counter.

With county Finance Director Jon B. Ganser slated to retire in June after 19 years of service, the county commissioners are seeking a replacement to help them ride herd over the county’s finances.

However, as has been shown since this new county administration got under way in January, even the routine is not simple.

In this case, Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr. questioned both the new title of the position and the proposed salary.

The county is looking to hiring a “chief financial officer” for a job that will pay between $124,015 and $136,418, depending on relevant experience, plus benefits.

In contrast, Ganser held the title of “finance director” and earns $94,393 a year.

“I have some trepidation as to why we need a chief financial officer,” said Castor, saying the new title and increased salary sounded too much like one of the Democrats’ campaign promises during last year’s campaign for county commissioner.

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(ed. note: Since the county has adopted the practice of hiring unsuccessful row officer candidates, why not consider A.D.A. Robert Sander for this position? He does possess the right credentials for the job, and, not unlike Bruce Castor, stands for good, Republican style governance. (He is the current Captain of the Economic Crimes Unit.) After all, we need some checks and balances, otherwise, we'll all be paying higher taxes under this current democrat-controlled regime.)


Bill Shaw said...

The problem isn’t Castor…the problem is bad government, disguising itself (badly) as a bipartisan coalition for the common good.

Every decision made thus far, that Castor has objected to, is the very things that Castor and The Turd campaigned against when they were the platform of Hoeffel/Damsker.

Also, James Rex has been so used to having Ruth Damsker as a doormat, yessing his every decision, that he has a hard time coming to grip with the fact that someone with an actual brain (Castor) thinks things through, nixing stupid decisions that will eventually raise our taxes.

The embarrassment is Matthews. He is a traitor to the party and this sham of a “bipartisan government” is making Montgomery County the laughing stock of Pennsylvania.

Matthews inability to go against anything that Hoeffel introduces is proof positive that he is a scared turdle.

LilMissRepublican said...

Well said. I agree completely. It's embarassing when Republican friends from other counties want to know- "What's with Jim Matthews?"

Anonymous said...

FYI Castor has been griping about another Lower Merion Twp Commissioner named Jane Dellheim getting appointed to some BS montco board. On this one he is 100% correct. She's a Dem from the Ken Davis era and does nothing and never opens her mouth.

Y'all shoudl be loud about this Dem as she is just taking up space. who had her appointed?

Also, is it true Hoeffel (Mr. I run for everything)is going to run for gov?

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