Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More on the Scout Eviction Debacle

HT to "Charlie on the Turnpike" for the following, ongoing, in-depth reporting on what I have previously posted today:

Philadelphia Boy Scouts Stand Strong

I have a great stake in this issue, as my son is a scout and I am a troop committee member. To lose the Cradle of Liberty headquarters over something that the city of Philadelphia is over-politicizing is, at best, egregious and does only one thing-it promotes a lifestyle that has proven, over and again to be a dangerous and unhealthy one.

Leave it to those "Nanny State" liberals to force the Scouts to conform to what they decide is the "norm".

So much for the Constitution and the rights it protects. But, who'd have wondered, the way the city tries, again and again, to trample the constitution and the laws of the state to promote their agenda, the law be damned (see: Judge Blocks Philadelphia From Enforcing Gun Laws)



Lisa said...

The City of Philadelphia is pathetic. They refuse to prosecute repeat offenders and criminals roam the streets, yet they want to kick out the Boy Scouts.

More great PR for Nutter. Not that it really matters since the media is eating out of his hands.

This is so sad, it's heartbreaking. How exactly do you explain this to the scouts?

Bill Shaw said...
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Bill Shaw said...

You try to make them understand that the will of less than 5% of the population outweighs that of over 50,000 Boy Scouts when it comes right down to it.

A "Nutter" gaffe by the city of Philadelphia, where "brotherly love" has begun to mean something totally different than it did when the phrase was originally coined.

It's just sad. I hope Jubelierer wins the lawsuit and asks for the deed to the property as proper compensatory damages. That'll teach them.

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