Friday, May 2, 2008

Hey...Wait A Minute!

According to the Times Herald, (link to story here) and my previous post (here), Tom Ellis was under the microscope at yesterday's Montgomery County Commissioner's meeting for his bond advice that supposedly is costing the county millions.

What was just pointed out to me, by a very intelligent and astute friend, is this:

King James (Rex) III was the head muckety-muck when these bond issues were discussed and approved. Therefore, this grilling of Republican State Treasurer candidate, Thomas Jay Ellis was totally uncalled for. I'm sure this never came up when Hoeffel was attempting to lambaste Ellis on this issue. Even Ruth Damsker (D) approved of the bond Hoeffel blasting her or James the Turd for their involvement? Hell, no!

All Matthews had to do was discuss with Hoeffel, in private, that he and Ruth read, agreed and approved of the bond issues that were so blatantly made a political spectacle of at yesterdays meeting.

This is just another case of El Rey Diego throwing another Republican compadre under el bus.

He outta be ashamed of himself...Friggin scared turtle!


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chris from springfield said...

If my memory serves me, Matthews admitted to not reading NMS' laboratory bid at WNPV's debate in Oct. Thus, Matthews either did not read the bond issue or decided to throw Ellis under the bus so Hoeffel could score political points. Or, maybe, just maybe, Matthews did not read the bond issue and threw Ellis under the bus because it is a part of his alliance with Hoeffel (meaning Matthews has to do what Hoeffel wants).

Matthews is such a weak, scared turtle.

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