Saturday, May 3, 2008

From the Morning Call:

Montco Board Infighting Continues

By Riley Yates | Of The Morning Call May 2, 2008

Fights over economic development in Montgomery County continued Thursday when a divided Board of Commissioners appointed 10 more members to a task force studying ways to attract business to the area.

Republican Commissioner Bruce Castor, who opposes the panel, said he was unhappy the additional names included Jane Dellheim, a Democrat who has worked on several campaigns and is now a Lower Merion Township commissioner.

''Dellheim is the poster child for the partisan Democrat in Montgomery County,'' Castor told his colleagues. ''Not that that's bad, but I'd like to know what other ones you have on here that might have similar views.'' (click here to read on)

Halfway down is this line:

"Matthews accused Castor of opposing a common-sense measure for political spite."
Funny, but isn’t political spite why James Rex betrayed the voters of Montgomery County? Isn’t good, Republican governance a “common sense measure”?

Christ, this guy is deluding himself.

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