Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunshine...On My Shoulder...Makes Me Happy...

...But the lack of it in my county government makes me angry. As well is should, because, since 1974, there has been a law in effect that bans the governing bodies from "back-door" politics. It's been updated several times over the years to ensure that openness and transparency in government remains of the utmost importance...It has been called by several names, but is most commonly known as "the Sunshine law".

Why the history lesson? Easy answer...because King James the Turd and Prince Joe the Weasel have been secretly creating an "economic development" board. Secretly, you ask? You've heard of it. But, have we, the public, seen even one resume or bio on any of the "players" involved?

Hell No!

To better explain things, the Times Herald's star reporter, Margaret Gibbons says this:

Transparency is one way for Matthews, Hoeffel

How many of you folks know much about Jeffrey Heebner, Ross Myers, Joseph Price and John Rosenthal?

That’s what I thought.

I can tell you that Heebner is chairman of the Montgomery County Industrial Development Corp., Myers is chairman and chief executive officer of American Infrastructure, Price is president of the BucksMont Homebuilders Association and Rosenthal is chairman emeritus of Pennrose Properties.

I only know that much about them because the county provided those titles when appointing them to the county’s new economic development policy task force.

Commissioners James R. Matthews and Joseph M. Hoeffel III apparently believe it is “demeaning” to their mucketty-muck friends to ask them for more in-depth credential such as resumes.

Matthews claims all are “distinguished” public citizens well known in the community.

Well, guess again.

Maybe these fellows are well known among the crème de la crème with whom Matthews and Hoeffel hobnob but they are not well known to mere mortals like ourselves.

Guess we’ll just have to trust Matthews and Hoeffel. Not!!!!

By the way, this task force has already held its first meeting.

What, you didn’t read anything about it? Maybe that’s because while the meeting reportedly was “open,” county administrators failed to tell the media and the public that the meeting had been scheduled.

Transparency, ain’t it grand?
Download a pdf of the PA Sunshine Law by clicking here, and see for yourself what our mean James Rex and Mr. Potato Head have been ignoring for the past few months!


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