Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Watch this video...

"I wanted to do it cause it's's fun to do bad things, and drive into a car"

This kid will be in and out of the system his whole life.

Grand Theft Auto 7 Year Old - Watch more free videos

The shame of it is, if you caught it, his grandmother, not his mother has custody. The kid was mad at his mother, so he stole grandma's car.

We're doomed, people...doomed.

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Karen G said...

As a police officer in the wonderful state of Florida where this kids comes from, I saw far too many kids just like him. Laws make it nearly impossible to take any punitive actions which is something kids like this really need before they end up in a life of crime. Unfortunately when these little darlings actually get some punishment, law enforcement takes a beating by the liberal public who really knows nothing about these issues.

A great example of this was the case about a year ago, again out of my favorite state of Florida where a young, elementar school aged girl went crazy in class and physically attacked her teacher and other students, leading to her restraint in handcuffs by law enforcement officers trying to protect themselves and the class. Liberal America went crazy saying how wrong it was to handcuff this kid. Have these folks ever dealt with a deliquent?? Likely not.

About a year ago my husband was mugged by six teenagers in front of our home (we live in Wynnewood). 5 completely got away with it. 1 had to go to the Poconos for the summer. Boo hoo hoo.

And in a few years we'll be seeing these same creeps on the news when they've actually killed someone and liberal America can cry "My God, how did this happen?!"

Bruce Castor - keep kicking some butts!

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