Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Whitemarsh Supervisor Sticks Nose in Other's Business

Whitemarsh Township Supervisors have their hands full with the business of governance in our township. But one of them feels she is important enough to go nosing around in the business of our neighboring township.

Was it a project that would negatively impact Whitemarsh? No. Was it a joint effort to make our township(s) a better place to live? No, again. Was it a traffic calming effort to lessen the impact on Whitemarsh businesses on Germantown Pike? Hell, no.

What may you ask, then, was so important to pull a democrat Whitemarsh Township supervisor all the way to the other side of Plymouth Township to speak/comment at one of their council meetings?

The issue of Obama being denied from speaking at the Plymouth Community Center, that's what.

Despite the democrats putting their best efforts into generating turnout for last evening's Council meeting to complain about this issue–including emails from their Chairman, announcements on their website, and even lit drops in several Plymouth neighborhoods–their turnout was abysmal. They literally had to reach outside the township to find someone to make their argument.

Whitemarsh Supervisors Chairman Leslie Richards (d) spoke about Plymouth's so-called "missed opportunity" and then proceeded to compare the situation to a McCain event held in Whitemarsh earlier this year (August 6, 2008). It was a small, private event held at a business (National Label Company, on Joshua Road) that only a few people attended. (Colonial Article here)

Several Plymouth Township residents spoke in support of Council's decision based on public safety, logistics, and the negative impacts that such a large event and large crowd would have on community center users and residential neighbors along Jolly Road, as well as the appropriateness of having any political events at the center.

Aside from Ms. Richards, only one of the democrats supporters rose to speak.

Ms. Richards needs to keep her nose under her own tent. With the partisan politics going on in Whitemarsh Township, sticking one's nose into other township's affairs leads one to believe that Ms. Richards thinks a bit too highly of herself.

Get off your pedestal, Leslie...being a legend in your own mind is not a positive personality characteristic. לפני-שבר גאון, ולפני כשלון גבה רוח, or, for those of us who don't read Hebrew, "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall", (Proverbs 16:18).

HT to JCS for being there.


tinyfins said...

You make it sound like Ms. Richards traveled to Alaska?!? (you know you can see the russians from there). Go figure that Plymouth Township is at the far reaches of the earth. I'm actually disturbed more in your comments relative to Plymouth Township than anyting else. As I understand, you represent COLONIAL AREA Republicans, NO? Doesn't Plymouth fall into that area or do you consider residents of that far off, god forsaken township not worthy of Whitemarsh society? Do we not respond to Spring Mill, and Barren Hill FD's when needed? Do we not share law enforcement on ajoing roads? I would encourage Whitemarsh Supervisors and Plymouth Council members to meet regularly as a group... you know, good neighbors! We don't want anyone saying, "hey, watcha doin' here... shoo!"

Please feel free to SLAM whoever you like, after all it is a free country and I believe we still have freedom of speach, but I would prefer that you paint your neighboring township and part of the COLONIAL AREA in a more positive light.

"How agree the kettle and the earthen pot together?" Ecclesiasticus (ch. XIII, v. 2)

Bill Shaw said...

Methinks thou hast missed the gist of my post...The slam wasn't on Plymouth, but rather on Richards.

What business does she have sticking her nose into the affairs of Plymouth Township? If it ere a public safety issue that would adversly affect Whitemarsh, then yes, by all means, I would expect her to be there for comment.

But to show up to blast the Plymouth Council for not letting Obama! come to the community center? Not. Her. Argument!

I hope this clears up your misunderstanding of my post.


Bill Shaw said...

And, by the way, I represent myself, and by no means to I ever, EVER (!) expect people to agree with everything I post.

"Be not curious in unnecessary matters: for more things are shrewd unto thee than men understand.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall be also reap. [Galatians 6: 7]", and, :Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. [Matthew 7: 15]"

Anonymous said...

I applaud Plymouth's decision to not allow Mr. Obama to speak. I was not right for him to speak there as it was not right for him to speak in Abington High School's stadium, but the democratic superintendant thought that it would be great! Ask him how many hundreds of emails and phone calls he got blasting that decision. No school leader should put the students at risk like that just for political attention!!!

tinyfins said...

The gist I got, but the delivery was not well swallowed. If you were there, then you would NOT have considered Ms. Richards comments a "blast to Plymouth Council". I found it rather timid to my liking and thought it would have come with more fire. Either way, the gist of my comments were to create an approach of community involvement. We in Plymouth don’t want to feel like the “other side of the tracks” and should welcome common interests as neighbors. I certainly hope you weren’t worried about the gas she used driving that far into Plymouth?!? Or the public safety of a Whitemarsh official needing to come to that part of our township. Living in a free society gives anyone (including neighboring supervisors) the right, yes we still have these, to speak publicly of our opinions. I’m sure you would not say that a Plymouth resident could not speak in a Whitemarsh public meeting, for that would go against everything some of us believe.

I too am a Jack Daniels swilling, cigar smoking, gun toting SOB with way too many opinions! The day we begin to determine who has the right to express their point of view is the day WE ALL LOSE. I won’t say if I agree with the decision that Plymouth made regarding the Obama visit b/c I wasn’t part of the process. Media and party line fanatics have done enough of that already. I do, however, feel that anyone, anyone, anyone has the right to speak.

Parting thoughts… this presidential race has truly divided a nation and created the largest GAP of partisanship I’ve seen. God Bless America… Red or Blue!

BTW… Go Phils!

jcs said...

To tinyfins - I am a Plymouth resident and fully agree with Bill here: if Leslie Richards wanted to speak about traffic, development, law enforcement, or any other issue that affects both townships I have no problem with that. In fact, as a former planning commission member, I think municipal cooperation is a good thing and should be encouraged. Indeed, the historic district we share with Whitemarsh and the SWAT team we share with both Whitemarsh and Conshohocken set the standard for such cooperation by other areas.

However, I have a serious problem with Ms. Richards attending our Council meeting and using her elected position to be the Democratic Party's mouthpiece. Where were county chair Marcel Groen and area leader Jason Salus? Too busy to bother with the hopeless cause of their brethren in Plymouth? For that matter, where were all the Plymouth Democrats, who I am to understand are outraged and full of righteous indignation over this supposedly partisan act by Council? Sad, very sad.

Bill Shaw said...

Let me speak slowly, so you can finally understand what I meant, so you can stop trying to make this post something it isn't:

Leslie Richards had no standing to come into Plymouth Township to berate the Republicans on council for not allowing Obama to "rally" at the community center.

If Ms. Richards were a Plymouth Township resident, this post would never have seen the light of day.

My gripe, (and I reiterate again) is strictly that she is an elected official, stepping out of her jurisdiction, scolding another township on something that really should be no concern of hers. This was a Plymouth decision, solely a Plymouth decision, had no bearing on the good or well-being of Whitemarsh Township, and therefore NONE OF HER FREAKIN'BUSINESS!

I will not entertain any more comments on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Bill - your comments are typical. You have no substance on your website or in your stories. You have zero guts. What did all the years of republicans give the township...nothing? A bunch of people who thought they were entitled to whatever they wanted. Doesn't work that way! Keep kissing the asses of people like bruce castor and see what it gets you. Another sign of your lack of guts...you will not print this.

Bill Shaw said...

Anonymous (Immediately Above)

I have a hell of a lot more guts than you do, I prefer to sign my name when I make my opinion known.

You, sir or madam or miss or ms., prefer to hide behind anonymity...who's the one with "zero guts"?

My opinions are my own, and I sign my name to each and every one. Zero guts? Your ass.

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