Friday, October 31, 2008

A Very Strong Case For McCain

From a blog called "the Ornery American" I found several points..."lightbulb moment" points, that pretty much sum up why everybody should vote for John McCain:

McCain's America

McCain has helped pay the cost of freedom with suffering and the loss of years of his life. In his America, a Republican in Congress doesn't have to vote with his party -- he can vote his conscience or compromise with opponents to reach a better result.

In McCain's America, you can get mad sometimes. You can innocently talk and joke without looking over your shoulder for fear someone will take it wrong and get you fired.

In McCain's America, you can join the military with confidence that if you are called upon to risk your life, it will be in a good cause, and your commander-in-chief will do his best to make sure your sacrifice is not wasted.

In McCain's America, you get to keep most of your money, even if by some fluke you happen to earn a lot of it.

In McCain's America, you can expect the courts to uphold the law. You can expect that your kids will not be propagandized to despise or ignore your family's religious beliefs.

In McCain's America, you can have confidence that you know the guy in the Oval Office, and he actually pays attention to what you believe in and care about.

The article,"
What Really Matters As We Vote"
is a very well written, concise look into the candidates and why McCain is such a better pick overall.

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