Thursday, October 30, 2008

Margaret Gibbons Doesn't Miss a Beat... her new post at the Doylestown Intelligencer!

Gibbons, ever the snarky reporter, has once again "zinged" Jim "King James the Turd" Matthews, whom she says is "losing it" more and more every day. From Gibbons' column:

*Republican Montgomery County Commissioner Chairman James R. Matthews is beginning to show some cracks from the strain under which he has been operating since he entered that unprecedented power-sharing pact with Democratic Commissioner Joseph M. Hoeffel III.

Matthews had convinced himself that the controversy would die down in January and that he eventually would be lauded for his so-called “statesmanship” in fashioning a bipartisan government.

That has not happened.

The criticism from those within his own party has been relentless. And Republican Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr., the top vote-getter in last November's commissioners' election but the odd man out in this administration, never misses an opportunity to yank Matthews' chain.

In the past, Matthews has simply sloughed off Castor's comments or lectured him about his acting in a political fashion rather than as an elected government official who represents everyone.

However, now Matthews is verbally flinching even before Castor opens his mouth.

Matthews went off on Castor at a recent agenda meeting when Castor simply questioned something on the agenda.

Come on, Jim, get a grip.

Heh! Jimbo thought he was getting a "bye" with Keith Phucas taking over the spot formerly occupied by the queen of rancor, but, true to form, "Peggy" reaches across county lines to once again twist the knife, if only just to watch King James squirm.


And here is the rest of it.


Anonymous said...

How's that quality of life going there, Jimbo? Is it beginning to dawn on you that you might have f-ed up?

Anonymous said...

I think I am in love with Peggy.

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