Sunday, October 12, 2008

Governer Palin @ The Flyer's Game!

I attended tonight's Flyer's game with a great friend...he knows what a fan of Sarah Palin I am, and I thank him for giving me what just may be the only time I get to see her "in person".

Here's a video and some pics of her dropping the puck (taken with my digital camera...high zoom and low light = very grainy)

Governor Palin and her family stayed to watch the entire hockey game. Classy, to say the least. (notice little Trig in her arms!)

And here is the rest of it.


Anonymous said...

Bill, I'm not sure that I would characterize staying for the game as classy. Rather, I think that it is curious. She could have used that time to: meet with other supporters, meet with advisors, travel, rest, or spend quality time with her family. Even if she just wanted a couple hours of entertainment, why take a baby to a Flyers game?

BTW, how was the game?

Anonymous said...

I like that she stayed for the game and that she brought her family. She is the "real deal!"

Anonymous said...

News reports indicate she stayed for only two periods

Bill Shaw said...

I left the game at the end of the third period. I watched the game out of one eye and the Palins out of the other.

The photographs were taken in the first, second and third periods.

If you want to count the 10 minutes before they showed up in the club box, then they watched 2.5 periods...but, they were in the Wachovia Center, still, when I left.

The left-tard driven news was wrong. 19,600+ people could back me up.

Bill Shaw said...
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Bill Shaw said...

Oh, and the game?

Started out was 4-0 Rangers in the first period. then the Flyers pulled the goalie and scored three goals.

The Flyers scored one of the three goals shorthanded, but somehow couldn't once capitalize on a power play, otherwise they would have pulled out a come from behind win.


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