Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot?, Part Deux

The McCain Campaign in PA has opened an office in Abington. Not really WTF news, right?

Here's the rub: They've appointed none other than K J the Turd sycophant and (worlds oldest) YR, Ed Boyd to run it.

(Here's the Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot) Boyd is a guy who was not elected overwhelming rejected by his committee, who has defended Jim Matthews back room deal with Joe Hoeffel and the Democrats, a guy who attacked MCRC Chairman Bob Kerns and MCRC Treasurer Robert Griffith the day after he was rejected by ATRO members as their chairman...THIS is the guy they appoint to run McCain HQ?

I have to share this exerpt from Boyd's blog (which I will not mention the name of), posted on or about the day he was defeated as chair of ATRO, attacking the MCRC chair and treasurer, and also Area leader, Jon Fox (emphasis, mine):

...While my official opponent was a straight-laced, upstanding gentleman who will do a better job than the outgoing chairman, he wasn't the one I was competing against.

The theme last night centered around three primary issues.

The first issue was fundraising. The new chair will do a better job than the exiting one. The former chair is now MCRC's new treasurer. It says something about the judgement (sic) of the new leadership at MCRC when they tap the resources of a proven failure. If ATRO needs money so desperately, it's because the old guard was miserably ineffective at the task. The good news - his days manipulating ATRO are over.

The second issue, as stated by one member to me last night, payback. Anger towards an individual I dared to support, years ago (Kretschman-ed.). Unfortunately, some voting members couldn't get beyond their issues with him. (No, they weren't talking about Jim)

The third issue, loyalty. Jon Fox taught me something about it over the last 5 months. Proving that while he expects it, he has no understanding of the concept himself.
They've chosen a real class guy for this assignment.

I would have to seriously bring into question the hiring of Boyd, knowing his anti-Kerns background. Although I wouldn't expect MCRC to cooperate with them knowing that Kerns would have to eventually deal with this malcontent, we all know Bob isn't like that.

Oddly enough (but with my most sincere admiration), Kerns seems to be taking in stride–barreling forward and doing all he can to help elect McCain.

So, let's reiterate:

This guy ran against the current Abington GOP chairman, got trounced, attacked the MCRC chairman and treasurer and attacked Abington's Area Leader, Jon Fox. This is who they pick to run their Abington office? If the people making decisions for McCain in Montgomery County are anything like the people making decisions for him nationally, I now understand how a hero like McCain could be 15 points back in Pennsylvania and trailing nationally.

It's just plain wrong, to wit,
I paraphrase Boyd, from his own blog:
It says something about the judgement of the leadership at McCain PA when they tap the resources of a proven failure.


Anonymous said...

He was spotted a the Blue Bell office the other evening - it turned my stomach!

The same Blue Bell McCain office that is saing "MCRC committeepeople are doing nothing" what a bunch of creeps. Gee guys - who will be standing for hours and hours and hours on election dips$$ts! Who walks door-to-door? Geeze!

Anonymous said...

I heard the same thing about the committee people. I guess they feel that the local races aren't as important. If they could relate to sharing the resources instead of only looking at their own needs, maybe a better working strategy could be created. But no, they would rather trash the committee. sad.

PM RM said...

The word from Blue Bell is that Ed is supremely qualified:
1.He comes cheap.
2.He is available during the workday.
3.He is the only one to apply.

Ed at the phone bank parody:

Anonymous said...

How can this loser motivate ATRO committee people to do anything for McCain when he couldn't motivate SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of them to vote for him for Chairman? Did anyone at McCain state or county consider that BEFORE they picked him? Disgraceful!

Anonymous said...

Ed "The Oil Can" Boyd running anything other than a dishwasher is down right disturbing. What the Heck were the McCain people thinking? Oh! Wait didn't they also pick Asher and his minions to run his PA race? What a recipe for disaster. 15 points down in the polls and getting worse everyday.

Anonymous said...

I understand that this is a backroom move by the chocolate man and the king. They like the fact that Ed mindlessly does their bidding.

These shenanigans are the reason that the GOP is loosing ground. Just wait to you see the numbers coming out of Abington in Nov.

A horse is a horse
of course, of course.....

Anonymous said...

Bill, your blog rocks. A little bit of observational honesty and candor is not only healthful, it is essential for our party's future prosperity.

Rock on.

Anonymous said...

Ed is available during the day?

That might be news to the Montgomery Township Supervisors who employ Ed to work as a Code Enforcement Officer. Doesn't he still work for them?

Anonymous said...

What would John McCain say if you told him: We have a guy to run your campaign office in the most critical area in the entire battleground state of PA, but his own committee voted against him 3 to 1 to run their local party because he's a stone cold loser. I guarantee he'd ask what Moron came up with that idea and he'd fire him on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Tonight we decided to take a drive to pick up some signs at the Abington office. There was one car in the parking lot, nobody in the office and Mr. Boyd siting on the curb smoking a cigarette. Just sad, damn sad. Wonder how long it will take the MCRC to find out what ATRO and the YR's already know.

Jon said...

Hey Bill you called this one right. The Abigngton precincts had the biggest dropoff in the county. Boyd pissed off everyone who walked in the door. Now he is blogging about how the MCRC and ATRO let him down. Needless to say he has been busy deleting comments.

Maybe you could post an update and give a forum tho those who want to get rid of this Matthews supporter.

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