Monday, October 20, 2008

King James Strikes Again

King James the Turd once again sided with democratic commissioner, Joe Hoeffel on the appointment of a democratic party political activist (and former Colonial dems area leader) Nancy Mortimer O'Brien to the Commission on Women and Families.

From the Times Herald:

"Matthews, a Republican chided by Castor for voting in lockstep with Hoeffel, said he made a "partisan" decision in voting for the appointment.

He said he was only following the policy of prior GOP administrations to give Democrats one-third of the appointments.

"I don't feel it is the smartest thing for a Republican to do to make someone a martyr which my contrary vote would have done today with Ms. O'Brien," said Matthews.
James Rex III decided that it would be in the "Republican party's best interests" not to make a martyr of O'Brien by not appointing her? I'm glad to see that Jimbo is finally looking out for the party and not for himself (*feigned joy*).

Republican Commissioner, Bruce L. Castor, Jr. brought up that O'Brien's husband was in the employ of controller Diane Morgan and that he thinks "that is enough of the county's largesse for this family". Morgan defended her hiring of O'Brien, a retired certified public accountant who in the past was an unsuccessful candidate for county treasurer (another unsuccessful democrat for row office given a patronage job in the controller's office, ala Kelbin Carolina)

Just another day for the democrats, courtesy of King James the Turd. He should be ashamed every time he shows his traitorous face at a Republican function.


black horse said...

Let us not forget that Ms. O'Brien also ran two nasty, negative, and thankfully losing campaigns for Colonial School Board. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Bruce Castor, Jr. will also take notice of too many family members on the public payroll in the case of "Turd Buddy" Steve Heckman,(Public Defender) and his wife Patricia Zafferano (Magisterial District Judge). This arrangement of Steve having the Public Defender job is courtesy of The Turd. I say fire his "turd Buddy" A$$ - "that is enough of the county's largesse for this family".

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