Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Very Good Thing

My eldest sibling, my sister Karen, got married yesterday.

Karen has been a single mom for quite a few years. She devoted most of her adult life to raising her only son, Andrew.

Andrew did double duty yesterday, as he gave my sister away and stood for her as "man-of-honor". John's son, Jimmy, stood for his dad as best man.

The wedding was performed by Reverend Reinhart Kruse, the very pastor who married my sister when she and Andrew's dad tied the knot over 21 years go. He had recently retired from the church my sister went to for many years, and Karen was thrilled to death when she found him and he agreed to marry her and John.

Anyway, I'm thrilled that my sister found the perfect guy for her after all of the years devoted solely to her other guy, my nephew.

She was radiantly beautiful, John looked dashing and the wedding was very nice. That she was married on my maternal grandmother's birthday (she passed away a few years ago) was cool, also.

John is a really nice guy, very family-oriented, and loves my sister dearly. He also comes with a grandchild, which made my sister a grandmom the minute Rev. Kruse pronounced them husband and wife.

My wish for her? Exactly what I wrote on her picture frame matte...."Stay Together, Love Billy, Karen, Ryan, Jesse and Angelia".

Here are some pics:

Karen and John exchanging vows

Andrew, the "Man of Honor"looking pretty
holding mommy's flowers.

He's a great son to his mom...we're so proud of him.

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