Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phillies Win World Series, and I Got To See It!

As I drove into work tonight, I was kind of bummed that I would miss the end of the game (the TV version, that is). I listened in the car, hoping to hear Harry Kalas call the third strike and just sing ” The Phillies Have Won The World Series!!!!!”.

As I pulled into the parking lot, the Phillies were on the mound having a conference with Lidge…I thought “crap, I have to get in the shop before I’m late”. I thought I’d miss the last out, unless I could get into work quickly and fire up the ol’ Sony Diskman (with AM/FM radio…how “’90’s”, huh?).

Well, much to my surprise, I walk into my work area and they have a 12″ color TV set up (with rabbit ears, nonetheless) and I was standing there, with my coat on, when Lidge threw the most important pitch of his life and “struck ‘em out!”.

I’m taking Scraps out of school (hopefully, Friday) for the parade…he may never get to see this again in his lifetime, and I want him to experience what I wasn’t able to when they won back in 1980…a Championship Parade!


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