Wednesday, October 1, 2008

RE: Vice Presidential Debate Moderator

I received this comment this morning. Feel free to bombard this woman with emails demanding they pull Gwen Ifill as moderator of this debate.

Blogger Wednesday's Child said...

I just emailed the Executive Commissioner for the debates and demanded they pull Ifill as moderator. Her name is Janet Brown, email address is or you can call and raise hell with the commission at 202-872-1020.

It's time for another Boston Tea Party!

I've just sent the following email to Janet Brown...feel free to use it in part or as a whole:

Dear Ms. Brown.

I am writing to ask you to pull Gwen Ifill as moderator for the vice presidential debate.

Ms. Ifill has written a book touting the accomplishments of Barack Obama, scheduled to be released on election day. Having such a partisan person moderating a debate in what may just be the most important election in our country’s history is not only wrong, it’s akin to stacking the deck in favor of one candidate over another. It reeks of cheating.

Please do the right thing, in the spirit of fairness.

The world is watching, Ms. Brown. Bloggers are picking up on this story as I write this email...what will you do?


Bill Shaw

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