Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Press Release From MCRC


“Marcel Groen should follow his own advice.” Bob Kerns said.

Bob Kerns, Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Committee, today responded to Montgomery County Democratic Committee chairman Marcel Groen’s call to set aside partisan politics for the good of Montgomery County.

“I find it ironic that just days after Marcel Groen calls on the Republicans to set aside partisanship for the good of the county, he and Joe Hoeffel tap one of his lieutenants, Nancy Mortimer O’Brien, for an appointment to the Montgomery County Commission on Women and Families,” Kerns said.

O’Brien previously served as Area Leader for the Colonial Democrats under Groen as party chairman. She is a twice unsuccessful candidate in bitterly partisan campaigns for Colonial School Director. Her husband, John, was defeated for Montgomery County Treasurer by Garrett D. Page in 2003.

“As an Area Leader for the Colonial Democrats Nancy Mortimer O’Brien oversaw some of the nastiest most partisan elections in Whitemarsh, Plymouth and Conshohocken. If a Republican with a similar background was up for such an appointment, Joe Hoeffel and Marcel Groen would be screaming ‘patronage and cronyism’ from the courthouse roof,” Kerns said.

“It is time for Marcel Groen and Joe Hoeffel to stop talking about taking the politics out of Norristown and start actually taking the politics out of our courthouse. Groen and Hoeffel are overseeing the most partisan administration in Montgomery County’s history. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. Most political parties aspire to fulfill their campaign promises. Instead, Groen and Hoeffel seem to be trying to see how fast they can break them,” Kerns said.

“Marcel pays a lot of lip service to the idea of taking the politics out of county government. Marcel Groen should follow his own advice,” Kerns concluded.

Frustrated over the State Senate’s refusal to move forward the appointment of Montgomery County attorney Andrew Cantor, a Democrat, Groen issued a call last Friday for Kerns to help move the nomination forward. Kerns declined noting that the vacant seat was held by the late Toby Lynn Dickman, who passed away one year ago. Kerns said the replacement should be a Republican woman, since a Republican woman was elected to the 10-year post in 2001.

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Anonymous said...

Concerning the judicial appointment - why don’t the Republicans and Democrats come together, stop playing politics and appoint Toby Lynn Dickman’s husband John Armstrong to the open seat on the bench. John Armstrong, former Chief Public Defender has 28 years of litigation experience. Everyone would come out looking good and the public would see that the appointment was truly in the best interest of the county. In 2001 Toby Lynn Dickman was the top vote getter and had both Democrat and Republican support.

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