Friday, October 24, 2008

Guest Post By My Dad

My dad sent me an email last night and I've decided to make a post out of it.

Dad taught me, from the time I was but a wee lad, respect for firearms and the love of hunting, both of which I am proud to pass on to my sons.

Dad and I both are "bitter clingers" and are quite proud of it. Dad is really concerned that an Obama presidency will spell the end of firearms ownership as we know it.

Here's Dad's letter and a few links to show you what the √úbermessiah really thinks of your 2nd amendment rights:

Hi Bill... I tried to send a response to your blog, but it wouldn't go. Anyone who is a gun owner, or belongs to the NRA should read or be made aware of the article "election report" in Novembers edition of "American Rifleman".

If you have any doubt about Obama's stand on gun laws or ownership, this should clear things up. The bottom line, if you are ready to surrender your guns, or ready to pay exorbitant taxes on guns or ammunition, then by all means, VOTE FOR OBAMA! Otherwise, vote for the man who will insure that your 2nd amendment rights are upheld.

After reading the election report, I couldn't believe what Obama had voted for–500% tax on ammunition, almost the same on guns, trying to out-price the average American from owning a gun or buying ammo. I'm not too keen on McCain or Obama, but I am a sportsman and a hunter for many years and I do not want my rights and privileges taken away by someone I'm not sure is not a Muslim like Obama. I'm not democrat or Republican, I'm an AMERICAN! I value my constitutional this for me if you will?

Well, there you have it...I've been hunting with this guy for over 32 years, shooting with him a few years longer than that and he's never once steered me wrong on gun issues...ever.

Here's a few more tidbits of logic for your perusal:

And lastly:

If you value your gun rights and support the 2nd amendment, I offer this: an Obama presidency will change the face of gun ownership in this country. It won't be pretty. We need to really come together on November 4th and say:

nObama, No Way, No How!

And here is the rest of it.

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