Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sightings: XVI

King james the Turd was sighted at the Tom Ellis Fundraiser at Wings Field this evening. I'm sure Ellis didn't actually invite the Turd, as he is fully aware of the "Matthews Effect" (which explains why Tom is no longer a Republican Commissioner in Montgomery County).

His entrance was noticed and reported to me by more than one person in attendance. He conveniently arrived after the departure of Republican County Commissioner, Bruce L. Castor, Jr.
Sources tell us a James Rex III loyalist called and told "El Rey Diego La Mierda" the coast was clear, and he drifted, ghostlike, into the event (almost like he was sitting in the parking lot, waiting for the call).

The Turd was warmly greeted by Bob Asher, State Committeewoman Pam Levy, and developer Bruce Goodman.

It was noted that King James (allegedly) made no contribution to Ellis' campaign, as he showed up after the check in table was closed.

The photo's are blurry, which I'm sure is how Jimbo see's most things, more often than not, anymore.
He's more than blurred the line between conservative Republicanism and radical leftism.

HT to "what's his name" and "you know who" for the pics!

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