Monday, October 6, 2008

King James "Jumps the Shark"

King James the Turd has finally gone off the deep end. J-Rex wrote an opinion piece that ran in the Times Herald, getting all "woo-wee" because the State ran out of money to fix the roads, leaving several Montco roads in serious levels of disrepair. KJIII thinks that Montco has the responsibility to, and can, fund the road projects that the state of confusion PA has left undone.

I quote:

We have a greater population than four states and are comparable to a fifth state. A big county requires big efforts. We have to find the essential funds to invest in our transportation system.

I know every problem can't be fixed, but there are strategic investments in our system that we can make.

We can partner with PennDOT to finish some projects they have put on the back burner, partner with municipalities to make critical improvements, partner with developers to close a funding gap so public and private sectors can address significant transportation improvements, and partner with SEPTA on station parking expansion, rider information and amenities, and key service initiatives.

If they come to the same conclusion as I have-that there is inadequate federal and state funding now and in the foreseeable future to address countywide needs-then they will also hopefully conclude that we are the collective "they," and it is time for all of us to work together to come up with solutions.
"[...] as the next responsible party, we in county government can become "they."
With whose money, a$$hole?

What James Rex isn't telling you is that the democratic state yahoos, led by "Fast Eddie" Rendell, take the state highway funds year in and year out to bail out SEPTA. That leaves our roads and bridges in a serious state of disrepair. If SEPTA constantly needs bailing out, then there's something wrong with the structure of the company. Giving them money earmarked for roads is fine, until the roads they are supposed to travel become impassible.

K-J_Turd needs to get one thing straight...most of us will not, repeat, will not ever vote allow him to earmark money to fix that which should be the responsibility of the State of PA (this should have to appear as a referendum on the spring ballot, if he gets his way). No other county in the state underwrites PennDOT projects and I refuse to have my kids pay the bill in 10-15 years for some silly-assed idea this di*!weed may have dreamed up between his third and fourth Dewars...

I speculate that he's doing this for only one make his new BFF, Joe "Mr. Potato Head" Hoeffel look good. As a matter of fact, I'm beginning to wonder if this wasn't whispered in his ear by Joe Hoeffel, to impress "Spendell" for when Jimmy-boy finally flips?

Jim, do us all a look like, act like, walk like, and talk like a's time to register democrat, Jim. Then you'll fit right in.

Read the Times Herald "opinion" column here.

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Anonymous said...

Even when I get bored by the political landscape, this is the reason I continue to read your blog.

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