Monday, September 15, 2008

***UPDATE***-Sightings: XIII

Perception is not always reality...Your humble blogger always admits, then corrects when he is mistaken when it comes to the facts.

It has come to my attention, through a very reliable source, that, in fact, Carolyn Carluccio did not arrive with James Rex the Turd (at yesterday's Whitemarsh Brunch), rather coincidentally, arrived at the same time as King James.

Apparently, King James attached himself to Carluccio's hip, reminiscent of my "shake-rape" incident with El Rejo Diego la Tercera.

I apologize to Ms. Carluccio, as I know how she must have felt...knowing she had to stay at the event, uncomfortably, as any close proximity contact with the man makes one feel like they need a shower...but I digress.

Again, my most sincere apology to Carolyn Carluccio. No innocent person should ever feel the grip of "the Matthews Effect"...ever.

Mi dispiace, รจ stato interamente colpa mia.



TrekMedic251 said...

I get a tingling feeling up my leg everytime you have a sighting!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe one person could have so much hate for someone else and spend so much time writing about it. Time would be much better spent going door to door or volunteering for a phone bank.

Bill Shaw said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. If Jim would just have a little less hate in his heart towards Republican Commissioner Bruce Castor, and a little more love in his heart for the Republican party, his foibles and shenanigans wouldn't be so closely followed.

By the way, your humble blogger does go door to door, make phone calls, volunteer with the Boy Scouts, work a second, part time job, raise a family, maintain a household, hunt, fish, camp, "politick", and dabble in a bit of woodworking. I find the time to enjoy a good cigar on a regular basis and I still find the time to write this

I multi-task!

(oh, and I don't hate King James, I just hate what he's doing to the county that I chose to live in and raise my family.)

Roslyn Resident said...

I'm not a blogger.
I don't like bloggers.
I'm not an activist.
I think most activists are misguided.
I am a Republican.
But I am a Social Liberal.

I guess that I am part of the 90% that hate neither Fox News or MSNBC.

That being said, I really enjoy reading your blog. Your Sightings Series is a great blend of humor, local reporting and strategic influence. Your other entries ring of honesty and personal experience.

If your goal is to infuence the masses rather than preach to the choir, you've hit your mark.

Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

What Roslyn Resident said, Thanks Bill!!

Anonymous said...


I just picked up on this thread. Let me say this to you: You and dozens of other people poured their hearts into electing Jim Matthews last year. Hate is not a strong enough word for what I feel for the guy after what he did to the party I've worked my entire adult life on behalf of.

Keep track of him. Because some of the worst elements of our party (especially the ones holding down the fort on Norristown Road right now) would just love to embrace him again like he did nothing wrong. Never let that happen Bill.

Disenfranchised Matthews/Castor voter.

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