Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama is a Sonovabitch


Stay Classy, Barry, you a$$hole!

HT to John Lewandowski at PAWaterCooler.com


Lisa said...

In fairness to Obama, this may or may not have been an intentional slur against Palin. What's despicable is that his audience clearly thought it was and reacted in kind.

They think these kind of remarks are not only perfectly acceptable, but they applaud them. And they walk among us. Whatever happened to "Hate is not a family value?"

Bill Shaw said...

First of all, I attribute the applause of the morons as the fall of the "Kumbayah" generation.

Second, we have to wait and see if he continues to use the asinine phrases in subsequent speeches. If he does, then he is doing it intentionally.

So, what happened to the libtards being the "kumbayah" crowd? Where did all of the "peace and love" that was the hippie movement of the 60's and 70's go?

The Libs of today are the children of said hippies. What's happened is this: the 60's peace and love-ers either OD'd or became successful business people, broke a few glass ceilings along the way, and became conservatives. They gave their children everything they didn't have, on a silver platter, and made spoiled brats out of them. (The rest of us raised our kids the right way.)

These brats (most of whom have little or no real responsibility) are the morons who think that the Ubermessiah is the be-all, end-all for this world.

And the educated, college age lib-crowd? They just have no clue. If every one of them would read my post from yesterday, they just might get it.


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