Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Re: The County Republican Candidate's Rally

Rumors abounded at the Westover Country Club this evening. I'll get to them later.

First and foremost, the rally was fun. There was an Irish band that played (go figure) Irish music and a Johnny Cash song. The hors, appetizers were the typical fare, nothing to get excited over, but filled the void. The open bar meant that your humble blogger was kept in mucho Coca Cola all night long (I never drink alcohol when I have the bike out).

The highlights of the evening? MCRC Chairman, Bob Kerns was fantastic. He spoke about the campaign, spoke of the need for us to pull together and make this a banner year for Montgomery County. Then, the candidates got up and spoke, and to my surprise, I wasn't bored to tears. They all spoke of the elections, the hard work that they were doing to get elected, and the need for volunteers and money.

The highlight of my evening? Politics notwithstanding, I'd have to say that the highlight of my evening was finally meeting (face to face) fellow blogger and Times Herald columnist, Lisa Mossie (Bluftoonie, and (To read Lisa's 9/18/08 column, click here)

Rumor time

Jim Matthews. He wasn't there, but the rumor mill was doing a rather brisk business on his behalf.

Rumor #1: J-Turd has been asked, and has accepted the role of treasurer in his brothers non-committed run against Arlen Specter for U.S. senator in 2010.

Rumor #2: James Rex "ai-ai-ai" has been asked by certain powers that be in PA politics to start his own version of the "Chairman's Club", to try and siphon money away from MCRC fundraising efforts, but will hold off until after the election in November to do so. (Keep your eyes especially on this one folks, and please, don't give in. Our county chairman is doing a fantastic job and needs your support in order to bring Montgomery County back to it's former glory as a Republican county.)

Neither rumor has been corroborated, but they're out there.

Also noticably absent was the contingent from Abington. It seems that a certain Muni-Chair decided that his meeting was more important than MCRC business, instead of changing location to the Country Club, chose not to attend.

Quorum was not met and the bylaws were not voted on. Pity, because the old bylaws are seriously outdated and the new ones are quite good.

There's always January.



Lisa said...

Bill, if I may return the compliment, both my husband and I enjoyed meeting you you as well. As my husband said, "He can come up to camp anytime--we can shoot, drink beer and talk politics (in that order, of course) around the campfire."

Anonymous said...

Of course The Turd wasn't there. The gathering was for Republicans!

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