Monday, September 29, 2008

Marcel Groen Asks Bob Kerns to Put Aside Partisan Politics

With the passing of Judge Toby Dickman last year, there has been a noticeable void in the Montgomery County Courthouse. The caseload isn't getting any smaller and with the courts already overburdened, there doesn't seem to be any solution other than waiting for the judicial elections next year.

That is, ruling out the Governor's choice for judge, Andrew B. Cantor, a democrat lawyer from Cheltenham.

Irony #1: Marcel Groen wants MCRC Chairman Bob Kerns to influence the Republican Senate Judiciary Committee to appoint Cantor to the bench, casting aside "partisan politics" to appoint "one of the best legal minds in the county".

Kerns stated that, in fact, Groen who is engaging in partisan politics by even suggesting that the appointment be a democrat, blessed by Rendell. Kerns believes that because Toby Dickman was one of only two women on the Montgomery County bench, that it is only fitting that her replacement be a woman...and a Republican woman (as was Dickman).

The GOP' recommendation was, based on exactly that criteria, Chief Deputy Solicitor, Carolyn T. Carluccio, who is the former chief public defender.

Kerns believes that the nomination of Cantor is directly related to his years of loyalty to the democratic party.

Irony #2: The mandatory reitrement age for county judges is 70 years old...Cantor is 69 years old and would have to step down sometime next year anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Starting in 2009 only Democratic Judges will be elected in Montgomery County. Kerns is fighting a rear guard action. Let's face it Montco is a Democratic County, Democrats are getting the elected positions they used to lose. Now they are winning theese positions. When was the last time a Democrat running for State Rep., ran unopposed in this county? Probably never, in 2008 2 Dems are running unoppossed, I guess things are changing. Why fight the trend!!!

Bill Shaw said...

I love the sentiment that, with one election cycle, "it's all over".

It isn't over, Bob Kerns is doing a great job getting out the message, and will win judge seats in next years elections.

Will we win them all? I hope so, but who knows?

Never count out the new boss, especially when the old boss is the one responsible for the mess we're in. Kerns inherited a quagmire from Davis, as for 4 years we continuously degraded into what our chairman has today. Davis' lobbying contracts left a great deal to be desired, especiall since he lobbied both sides of the aisle. Who knows what deals were struck for the financial betterment/benefit of Ken?

Bob's doing all the right things for all the right reasons. It will take time to bring together what Davis had successfully torn apart. I can't see counting out the party without first allowing Kerns to do what he tried to do for so many years...lead our party with integrity and honor.

We ain't dead yet.


Anonymous said...

Josh is not in a race because he is a decent guy.Gerber is in trouble, Hmmmmm who sent Rachael Manzo to Taylor ? Screw Marcel and the horse he rode in. Bonusgate is alive and well in Montco and when Corbett is done there are a few who will whistle dixey

black horse said...

We've got to stick to our guns on this judge appointment like our lives depend on it, because they do! A large contributor to the high crime rate in Philly is a bench that is packed to the gills with liberal democrats. Liberal democrats that consistently fail to dole out stiff sentences, even for repeat offenders -- from the late "Let 'em go" Lisa Richette to the judge who failed to give the maximum to the perp who would go on to murder Officer McDonald shortly after being released. I am sure many city or inner-ring suburb residents can identify with me in either knowing or having been a crime victim who was unable to obtain justice from the city court system because some liberal dem judge felt bad for the criminal and gave him a slap on the wrist. This is not even touching on city judges who are corrupt, drunk on the bench, or have records themselves (see Traffic Court.)

Meanwhile, in Montgomery County, we have had in recent years 21 good Republican judges and a much lower crime rate and rate of recidivism. You do the math. Criminals know our judges and our court system mean business.

To allow Mr. Cantor to be appointed is to allow the camel's nose under the tent -- the dems will have a notch on their belt and become even more emboldened to pack our bench with Philly liberals next year (remember - we may have as many as 7 seats open.) No thanks. I am glad Chairman Kerns is sticking to his guns on this and hope our Republican Senators follow suit.

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