Monday, September 1, 2008

Why Bother?

This is the season for ass-hats. One side attacks the other side, rumor mills get running and character assassination becomes the rule, not the exception.

But, when it comes to spreading untruths and conjecture about a child of one of the candidates, I get boiling mad.

Back up 4 years ago, the Bush girls were thrust into the national spotlight because of an indiscretion. The MSM played it to the hilt, mocking the girls, and chiding the president for not keeping his (adult) girls in line. PPP*, IMHO.

Fast forward to Friday, August 29, 2008. McCain picks his ideal running mate, Sarah Palin. The dust in the stadium had barely settled, when attacks on two of Sarah Palin's children came from the lunatic fringe left.

I wouldn't dream of repeating the slanderous, sleazy and downright mean things said by the left about these two children, but suffice it to say, it wasn't worthy of news coverage. Besides, the kids should be off-limits. T.H.E.-E.N.D!

I also cannot understand why any supposedly "conservative" news outlets or bloggers would even give it the light of day? And, wonder whether or not it may be true.

One such blogger, "he who shall not be attacked directly (but his initials are "E"d "B"oyd)" chose not only to blog the heinous attack on Palin and her children, but actually writes in such a way that he doesn't exactly rule out the possibility. Here's the post (in part)-emphasis mine:

Better Not Be True
(already, the title eludes that he's not sure it isn't true-ed.)

Not even 24 hours after Sarah Palin was selected to be McCain's running-mate this story comes via Comments From Left Field.

If remotely true, what does it say about the McCain's campaign ability to vet the Alaska Governor? Worse yet, what will it say to the conservative base who just got on the McCain-Palin bandwagon?

While one could understand a mom going to extreme legnths (sic) to protect her daughter, it won't sit well with a lot of folks. At least, it will require quite a lot of explaining. (again, this passage eludes that he's not sure it isn't true-ed.)

If (again, doubt?) nowhere close to fact, it proves Left Field is where character assassination is created.
In a direct question to "E"d "B"oyd (again, I'll just use his initials), I ask this: If you have every reason to doubt the validity of what was coming out of the liberal left, why not ask yourself the following question before fueling the fire by blogging it.

Why Bother?

Anyway, the Palin camp announced today that Sarah's daughter, Bristol, is, indeed 5 months pregnant with a child of her own, that she will keep and raise after marrying the father.

The liberal media forced a family in crisis to air their private business in front of the whole country, all stemming from a positively disgusting attack on our future Vice President and her family.

I hope the lib-tard media and those who reported this on this, for no reason other than shock value, got their jollies destroying a kids privacy.

Although I believe in a strong first amendment, and will defend your right to say, write and publish stupid drivel (such as mine-heh!) with my life, I still think kids are off limits in politics. T.H.E.-E.N.D!



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